Here is What You Can Make by Baking Tezos in 2021

Maybe you have heard of Tezos, and you are probably wondering whether it is a good investment choice. Launched in 2018 June, Tezos is a decentralized fourth-generation blockchain-based platform used to execute smart contracts and cross-border payments.

Tehttps://tezos.com/zos had a rough start. Also known as Tezzie, Tez, or XTZ, Tezos was proposed in 2014 by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman [a couple], targeting a significant drawback of blockchain technology. It was presented under the pseudonym L.M Goodman.

The XTZ platform is exhilarating if you get to know more about it. The Tezos platform also has a token that goes by the name. Even if the market cap of the XTZ coin is yet to be announced, the XTZ in circulation is about 750 million XTZ.

Understanding Tezos Concept

Tezos, being a smart contract platform, is designed as an Ethereum alternative. For smart contracts, it holds a safe language with a mechanism of formal verification, which is a method that guarantees the accuracy of several code aspects mathematically. 

Every code is verified, independent. In addition, it holds several mechanisms of integration that aid the user in making updates periodically to the Tezos system.

Tezos was the first platform of blockchain, which operates at the protocol level. It is a self-amending network that satisfies users’ needs with the help of its programmatic voting methodology. As a result, it deviates from complications like technological problems associated with earlier cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How to Buy Tezos

You can easily buy Tezos from a cryptocurrency exchange after signing up and depositing some money. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the eToro website and click ‘join now.’ You’ll then be required to provide personal information such as name and address.
  2. Your information will now need to be validated. To do this, upload a copy of your ID. Validation prevents money fraud and laundering.
  3. Make a deposit. You will need to do this to purchase Tezos. Note that the minimum deposit is $200 in most countries. However, the deposit is higher in some parts of the world, so you should check before signing up.
  4. Purchase Tezos. One Toro, go to trade markets, then crypto, then XTZ [tezos]. Note that there are other ways of buying Tezos.

Current Tezos price

In 2021, trading beasts believe that Tezos could reach a maximum price of $4.14. This is an optimistic 1.66% increase in the current value. However, with nobody knowing how the global economy will move on from the pandemic, investing in Tezos will likely generate high returns beyond 2021.

Tezos baking

Tezos baking is the process of validation and appending a new block in the Tezos network. Here, the network rewards stakeholders for taking part in the baking process, and it depends on the amount you bake. Therefore, your power of baking depends directly on the number of tokens you hold.

Eligibility for Tezos Baking Process

A baker needs to have a security deposit of 512 XTZ to bake a block and 64 XTZ to endorse a block. 

As the baking process initiates, the security deposit of the delegate is transferred to an alternative account, where it is locked for a preserved number of cycles. After the preserved cycles are completed, the funds are automatically transferred to the delegate’s main account along with the rewards.

XTZ Future Price Prediction – by 2025

However, the developers believe that the coin will never reach its capacity limits. According to the price prediction of Tezos so far and expert’s technical analysis of calculations, the coin will be way higher than the current average price.

Since the XTZ price varies, it is advisable to know the coin price every time to make an informed and timely decision. Currently, as we are publishing this information, the Tezos token is worth 3USD. However, this price can go higher in the future.

The Tezos report shows a positive rise from its current price according to the crypto market. By the time we get to 2022, the coin will have raised its current price by 134% to $6.10.

Moreover, by 2025, predictions state that the coin will have drastically increased by 825% compared to the current price to $24.06.

Is Tezos a Secure Investment

The importance of a token holder knowing the price prediction is to make wise investment decisions. In other words, an investor has to look at the price action, market capitalization, and other factors to determine whether it is a safe investment move.

Developers and investors should know that investing in cryptocurrency is a risk because they are volatile. First, however, investors must take into consideration whether a risk is worth taking. 

Avoid Emotional Investment

Avoiding emotional trading means that you should not make investments when you are agitated or excited. Investments made under emotional influence may not be smooth compared to ones made with diligent calculations.

If you have FOMO, you may fail to make the right decision. This may drive you to buy more Tezos than you would have if you did not think you would miss out on something important by not buying the coins.

Follow the 1% Rule

This statement would have read ‘consider the 1% rule, but since it is just a suggestion, you can consider obeying the 1% rule. The rule states that it is wise to invest 1% of your funds which means you should invest 1 dollar if you have 100 dollars. Most experienced traders follow this rule to stay in the game.

This rule is straightforward: losing 1% of your total funds is easier than something bigger. Moreover, if you gain from your investment, you will have improved your financial situation.


XTZ price is an essential factor when considering the worth of a cryptocurrency. 

With the projected weight and the XTZ price, it is a wise investment. If due diligence is done and the right move is executed, investing in Tezos is a wise decision that will yield positive returns on investments.

Bitcoin live price
price change

However, when investing in Tezos, you should be cautious not to invest too much. This is why it has been advised that you should apply the 1% rule. This is meant to prevent you from incurring too many losses if your expectations are different from what you envisioned.

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