How to Support Bitcoin (BTC) Development in 2021

Bitcoin development is a constant ongoing process. Bitcoin’s use cases are continually evolving to meet the market’s needs and technological advancements in the sector. Most people are surprised to learn that Bitcoin consistently receives technical upgrades. Yes, the Bitcoin of today is far more advanced than its first rendition. 

Learning how to support Bitcoin’s development is a great way to do your part and help bring this game-changing tech to the mainstream. Luckily, there are lots of ways to support Bitcoin’s development, regardless of your technical prowess. Every person in the Bitcoin network plays a crucial role in pushing large scale adoption forward. Here are some of the best ways to support Bitcoin development today. 


The absolute best way to participate in Bitcoin is to invest. Investing in Bitcoin places you on the front line of this financial revolution. Also, people will respect that you put your money where your mouth is. Investing in Bitcoin is easy nowadays. There are hundreds of exchanges and fiat onramps that make converting funds into crypto a breeze.

Crucially, investing in Bitcoin gives you firsthand knowledge of the network and its functionality. You get familiar with blockchain and how to store digital assets. You will also learn how to send and receive Bitcoin in seconds. All of these features will help you to better explain Bitcoin’s advantages to friends and family.

Spread the Word

Your friends and family will instantly notice your new interest and begin to ask you questions regarding the technology and its fundamentals. As your profits grow, so will their interests. In some cases, earning profits is enough to get your closest friends involved. Best of all, there is no minimum investment with Bitcoin. Tell your friends that $10 is an excellent start to your crypto adventure.

As a Bitcoin investor, you will run into some common questions. When people ask you, “What is Bitcoin backed by?” you can reply, “by math.” Another common question is, “Why do we need Bitcoin?” A smart response is, “Bitcoin is money without government. The people run it in a decentralized manner.” The main thing to remember is that you can’t convince everyone of Bitcoin’s merits in a single conversation. 

Host a Meet-Up

To further your social contributions to the network, you can host a local Bitcoin meet-up. Meet-ups provide like-minded individuals a chance to come together and discuss ideas, concepts, and other crypto-related topics. Meet-ups are a great way to get to know your local crypto community. They also provide an excellent way to educate new users

Social Media

If you are not into the idea of meeting up with new people in person, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can always take your efforts online. Social media is one of the best ways to spread the good word about Bitcoin. There are endless groups, chats, and forums to share ideas in. Notably, Twitter has a strong crypto presence. 

Using social media to promote Bitcoin brings some advantages. You can directly communicate with project developers. In many cases, the CEOs and developers of popular platforms are on social media and answer questions. You can start or join Bitcoin discussions and groups to further your understanding. The more you interact with the community, the more you learn about Bitcoin in general. In the end, you will understand the technology and the community. 

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Another significant way to support Bitcoin development is to accept Bitcoin payments and encourage others to do so. When you accept Bitcoin payments, you show others your faith in the network. New users will be forced to learn more about blockchain payments to work with you.

The same goes for businesses. Today, there are multiple Bitcoin PoS networks available. Many of these networks give vendors the option to automatically convert their Bitcoin payments into fiat currency to avoid volatility. Additionally, the introduction of off-chain protocols, such as the Lightning Network, makes it far faster and cheaper to receive Bitcoin payments.

Become a Bitcoin Gamer

If you are looking for a fun way to participate in the Bitcoin community, you should explore the gaming sector. The Bitcoin gaming sector is seeing rapid expansion. Notably, the Lightning Network has aided this expansion. This off-chain scalability solution introduces micro-payment capabilities to the network. 

Today, you can find nearly every type of gaming genre integrated with Bitcoin. Websites like Satoshisgames specialize in bringing these titles to the public. Additionally, developers have begun to integrate Bitcoin payments into console games. Just this month, HangerSix launched a Call of Duty (COD) tournament platform. Users can join via COD’s API and battle it out. The winners take home Satoshis for their efforts.

Become a Miner

If you have a little more technical capabilities, becoming a miner is one of the best ways to support Bitcoin development. Miners are the network nodes that validate transactions on the blockchain. As a Bitcoin miner, you will gain valuable experience working on the blockchain. Additionally, you also get a say in new upgrades and changes.

Miners receive rewards for their efforts in the form of Bitcoin. Join a mining pool, and you will consistently receive these rewards. Mining pools combine the computational power of the entire network and split the rewards between all users. The more hash power you contribute to the pool, the higher your rewards.

Join Bitcoins Development Team – Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin is free software, and any developer can contribute to the project. The more developers working on keeping Bitcoin clean and efficient, the more resilient the protocol. If you are technically savvy and want to take a more hands-on approach to the network, you can join the Bitcoin core development team.

There are multiple guides on how to get in on the excitement. Notably, everything you need can be found in the GitHub repository.  Bitcoin developers hold discussions on GitHub and the bitcoin-dev mailing list frequently. Both of these groups are free to join, and anyone can propose changes to Bitcoin’s core coding.

While anyone can propose changes to Bitcoin’s core coding, it’s important to mention that getting changes approved has been notoriously difficult. One of the main aspects of Bitcoin is its ability to function on any computer. This requirement has led to debates regarding what technological upgrades should see implementation. A perfect example of this situation is when Bitcoin Cash is hard forked from the network due to a disagreement over increasing the block size from 1MB.

Develop a Dapp

If you aren’t into the idea of dealing with crypto politics, you can still put your developing skills to work creating a Dapp (decentralized application). It’s often said that developers determine the value of a cryptocurrency, not the users. This statement rings true because Dapps are the gateway to the market. Regular users interact with the blockchain via these mobile applications. As such, Dapps are the primary way to onboard new users into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The open-source and inclusive nature of Bitcoin makes it simple for Dapp developers to participate. All of the necessary information regarding standards and compatibility is available on GitHub. You can brainstorm, develop, and launch your Dapp with the support of the entire Bitcoin community. 

Supporting Bitcoin in 2021 and Beyond

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Supporting Bitcoin development in 2021 is easy. Everyone from high-level cryptographers to online gamers can do their part to expand this community. The main goal is to demonstrate why and how Bitcoin makes life better for everyone. If you succeed at that, you’re already doing your part to bring Bitcoin to the masses.

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