update 12 October 2021

How Users Earn Cryptocurrency with Instars.com

In recent times, blockchain technology continues to gain traction in almost every industry area, with digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most prominent in the cryptocurrency space. But, as the world evolves, so does the trend in the crypto market.

Today, significantly more people are sourcing for new digital currencies that would potentially expand and appreciate. One of these leading platforms is Instars.com, a cryptocurrency that drives the Instar Blockchain.

What is Instar?

Instar is an innovative digital currency from Insights Network. It enables a trusting, compliant, and equally beneficial data exchange between users and organizations or parties through advanced technologies. Furthermore, the platform operates a decentralized EOS and DAI open-source network that allows users to control their data.

Today, Instar is the only digital currency that offers real tokens from any place in the world. Statistics reveal a growing adoption rate and actual token payments. For instance, over 2,000 people worldwide earn real money for sharing personal data willingly while uploading feedback.

How Does the Instar Platform Work?

Instar aims to build a secure information network that accommodates a confidential decentralized data exchange while users earn money.

The platform works with the core operational objective to provide an opportunity where people can earn free cryptocurrencies hassle-free. But to build rewards, Instar employs users’ personal information. While this may seem risky, Instar offers a non-disclosure organizational pattern. This feature helps you earn without having to worry about your personal information leaking.

A recent survey reveals that over $200 billion of consumers’ information is subject to exploitation. Furthermore, organizations sell it unfairly for profit without the users’ consent.

However, with Instars.com, users now have control over their data as they receive rewards from selling their information themselves. In essence, you are getting profits from sharing your personal data through a reliable, simple, and high-yielding process.

How do Users Earn Crypto on this Site?

As the market evolves, so do new ways of getting cryptocurrency. Everyone loves the thought of getting a freebie, especially when it can increase in value. If you’re looking to earn some free cryptocurrency, here are some quick ways you can do so on this site!

Earn by Registering a Free Account

The first way users earn crypto using Instars is by creating a free account. This feature enables them to achieve more at any time of the day. A simple task like this helps you earn as much as 25 Instars stress-free. To begin this process, consider the following:

  1. Visit Instars.com.
  2. Fill the registration form.
  3. Create your users’ profile by filling in your username, password, and email.
  4. Complete your email verification to start earning.

This last step will enable you to receive a registration bonus. Also, you want to input primary information such as gender, year of birth, and country of residence.

After providing the primary user’s data, the next step is to verify your profile via a KYC procedure. To do this, you want to upload a copy of a valid ID such as a driver’s license. Also, you have to provide a picture of you holding a paper with Instars.com and the date written on it. With this process, you are ready to receive your 25 Instar registration bonus!

Take Pictures of Your Receipt and Provide Feedback

Another method to earn crypto is to upload pictures of your receipts to sections like convenience stores, groceries, and travel.

This process helps you earn more. For example, you can upload three receipts every twenty-four hours. However, you will need to present a slip that clearly shows the business name, contact information, and address. The tag should also contain the transaction date, transaction ID, and the amount received.

After completing this step, the Instars team will review your receipt to reward you with an INSTAR Token and other tokens. However, this happens if you meet the stipulated criteria. 

Take Online Surveys and Polls

Did you know that you can earn more crypto by completing online surveys?

Instar offers a more straightforward method to make more money. In return, you have to provide short surveys that will reward you with INSTAR, DAI or EOS tokens for every conducted poll. The best part is that these surveys are only given depending on the information on your bio-page. So, you do not have to worry about getting complex surveys irrelevant to you.

Learn About Blockchain Technology

Learning about the crypto market also gives you an extra advantage to earn more free tokens on Instar.

Insight Network provides educational platforms such as the Learning Lab and Instar Research to teach users about cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is access the page, watch and learn, and you earn more.

Purchase Items and Receive Discounts

In the Instars cryptocurrency space, you will find the “Offers” section. Here, you can purchase items while earning a crypto-cash and reward. This table contains some of these items that present you with money-making opportunities:

  Cashback Earnings Instar Bonus
Bitrefill $10 200
Coinmine 1000
Ledger 500
ProtonMail 200
ProtonVPN 200
PureVPN 200


Everybody loves a good reward program, especially when it means they get more money. A free cryptocurrency reward program should be your first option when looking for a low-cost admission into the blockchain market. The same goes for when you want to make money hassle-free.

price change

Fortunately, Instars.com offers you a convenient, trustworthy, and mutually beneficial digital environment to earn free cryptocurrency with ease.

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