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Hurry and Join the First-Ever DMarket Pre-Sale of NFT Wearables!

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DMarket is an innovative metaverse that enables millions of esport enthusiasts and gamers to trade non-fungible tokens (NFT) and virtual in-game items via a set of advanced gaming tech and FinTech features.

The Los Angeles-based startup seeks to unlock the multi-billion-dollar digital assets economy for streamers, gamers, developers, brands, esport clubs, and fans everywhere.

The blockchain game tech firm provides over 20 reliable payment options such as Visa, PayPal, and Mastercard, via which users can purchase NFTs and in-game items and cash out their trading profits.

DMarket’s team is building a metaverse that brings together gaming and esports, brands and their spectators, as well as real experiences and virtual valuables. Users can buy, sell and trade virtual in-game and NFT items on the platform

Each transaction is registered on blockchain NFT to ensure unparalleled security. DMarket also offers the means for billions of gamers to identify themselves uniquely and prove the ownership and origin of each item.

Esport fans worldwide can access this borderless gaming world’s full platform functionality via the DMarket mobile apps available on Android and iOS.

Join The DMarket Pre-sale of NFT Wearables

The first-ever pre-sale of NFT wearables went live on DMarket on April 8, 2021, and is scheduled to conclude very soon (at 8:30 pm GMT+3). 

The pre-sale is offering exclusive NFTs of esports inventory packs for your future characters. Each inventory pack consists of outfits and memories in a limited edition; be sure to join the pre-sale on time to get top-tier items by being among the first to complete the challenge collection.

Participants will get the chance to grab limited edition memorabilia that they can use to customize their esports and gaming character to impress their friends or communities. The NFTs can also be used to craft unique items with special abilities. Collect your set and get extra bonuses within the DMarket metagame (TBA). 

Holders of exclusive NFTs will trade their inventory on the secondary market within the different gaming metaverses in exchange for better items. Dmarket users can already trade their NFT esports inventory on that boasts about 1.5 million NFT gigs. All top-tier items can be transferred to the Ethereum blockchain and used within third-party services.

Top-tier assets from the previous pre-sale were already sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Join the unique esports memorabilia drop pre-sale now, and pre-order your collection of inventory packs now!

DMarket’s Partnership With NAVI

DMarket has partnered with Ukraine-based esports organization NAVI to create the first epic gaming and esports metaverse for fans, esports teams, influencers, game developers, and streamers everywhere. 

NAVI boasts one of the most extensive worldwide esports clubs with 10 million dedicated fans. The platform recently launched a new fan-focused initiative dubbed NAVINATION that taps into the drop. gg tech from DMarket to offer a gaming initiative that integrates both competition and fan engagement. 

All participants in the ongoing DMarket pre-sale can complete collections with the platform’s NFT wearables sets and become TOP1 players in NAVINATION leaderboards.

They can also claim their first NFTs collection from NAVINATION that consists of the most adorable NAVI esports wearables to customize their character across the metaverses. 

All inventory sets are parts of the Master Challenge that offers users amazing rewards. Be among the first to complete the challenge collection and get top-tier items and get extra bonuses! 

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For more juicy tidbits on what is going on and what to come, join the DMarket community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter to interact with them and their members.

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