Incoming Digital Identifiers’ Launch to Boost Crypto Mainstream Adoption

Digital token identifiers, or DTIs, will go live in September as the latest sign of the growing crypto market. The move will mark a massive milestone towards mainstream adoption of crypto.

The most enthusiastic supporters of cryptos hope that technology will someday replace the U.S. dollar. Also, they believe it may become the primary way people pay for products and services. Yet, there are still very few options to use cryptocurrency to buy products in the real world.

Registering with the DTI Foundation

The capacity to oversee cryptocurrencies has become a big issue for regulators. Due to extreme volatility, the Central Bank has been warning investors that they may lose. More investors are coming in because of the increasing market, which touched a record 2 trillion dollars valuation in April.

The DTIs will get registered with the DTI Foundation, a non-profit unit of Etrading Software. It is a fintech company that provides market infrastructure. The identifiers will encompass the top 100 crypto assets and tokens, about 80% of the crypto market.

A unique identification number is already provided for individual inventory and derivatives. It identifies, tracks, and quantifies risks from trading activities by supervisor authorities and participants of markets. Sassan Danesh, the managing partner of Etrading Software, said that as the crypto industry grows, both regulators and the market need identities. The identities will ease the management of crypto.

DTIs are looking to build a bridge between the new and old tokenization using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

Identifiers will also make it easy to compare exchanges that have the best prices for each crypto.

How About ISO-based Crypto Identifiers?

ISO-based identifiers have been available for reporting securities and derivatives trades to regulators. They detect market malpractice and risk build-up. Danesh anticipates that DTIs will lead to similar crypto transaction requirements.

She added that they understand that a regulatory compulsion will be in place. It will report digital assets, driven entirely by the size of digital markets, which regulators can’t overlook now.

IT systems already relate to ISO-based identification systems of large investors. The addition of DTI does not mean that complex facilities need adding. Previously, the methods that developers user for ISO-based identifiers can still be be useful for DTIs. This way, the process should be seamless with no extra costs.

If institutions wish to add digital assets to their asset classes, the compliance officer does not pursue new policies. As a result, the DTI fits and is part of the same ISO standard family.

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Given the time to market DTIs, developers expect that by the end of 2023, mandatory reporting might take the earliest reasonable time.

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