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India Leads 26 Other Countries in Terms of Play-to-Earn Adoption

According to a recent NFT research, India ranks first among 26 countries on the basis of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming adoption.

Indian Players Outnumber Hong Kong’s and UAE’s

As per the survey, approximately 34% of respondents in India have experience with play-to-earn games. To be clear, play-to-earn games are blockchain-based games in which players receive incentives with real-world value. Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the rise of the work-from-home culture in India, the popularity of P2E games has soared. Since then, the adoption of blockchain-based gaming has increased.

Predictably, investors are looking to capitalize on India’s massive userbase, as the country is the global leader in NFT gaming. In April, crypto giant FTX was in talks to invest in Indian gaming firm MPL. In fact, India’s rate of NFT gaming adoption is so impressive, the ratio of Indian P2E gamers is expected to reach 44.7% by year-end. Indeed, industry experts predict that 500 million Indian users will join the gaming sector in the next two years.

How Other Countries Rank in P2E Adoption

Just after India is Hong Kong, which has around 29% of its populace engaged in P2E games. This implies that at least two out of every five Hong Kong citizens have interacted with play-to-earn platforms. The Chinese-controlled region is also home to famous gaming companies such as Animoca Brand, The Sandbox’s parent organization. Animoca Brands collaborated with Ubisoft in March, investing $12 million in Cross The Ages, a P2E game. Hong Kong may see a rise in the number of play-to-earn users before the end of the year.

Another region where NFT gaming thrives is the United Arab Emirates. The Emirati came in third with roughly 27%. Results might not be too surprising, given UAE’s significant pro-crypto stance in past months. Previously, the Abu Dhabi government-backed AD Gaming platform began working with local cryptocurrency platforms like Attarius Network.

The Philippines and Vietnam were also among the top five, with 25.01% and 22.96%, respectively. Judging by the top five countries, the Asian continent appears to be a popular spot for play-to-earn games and cryptocurrency in general. Sweden and France, on the other hand, had the lowest rankings. Only 4.3% and 5.8% of respondents respectively reported they had played NFT games

Young Men Dominate the P2E Category

The gaming report also indicates that P2Es are mostly popular among younger folks, especially younger men. For example, about 41.7% of Indian male respondents between the ages of 18 and 34, have played blockchain-based games.

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In comparison, only 29% of Indian female respondents reported any similar participation. Globally, an estimated 17% of men have acknowledged playing blockchain-based games, compared to 12% of women. Finally, young men under age 34 were most likely to have played a P2E game, accounting for 18% of all respondents.

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