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INNODEX Prepares for a Rollbit-like Launch with the N3 Coin Airdrop

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INNODEX has recently presented the multiple advantages of its ecosystem and N3 coin airdrop event. This operation is part of the team’s strategy to list the token on December 7.

With a focus on the N3 Coin and its ecosystem, INNODEX is proposing its recipe for innovative decentralized Web3 services. Within the upcoming 3rd crypto bull market, the team trusts the airdrop event to be a major success.

The Importance of the N3 Coin Airdrop Event

The first date to note down is December 7, when the token will launch on INNODEX at 6 AM UTC. The excitement surrounding the launch is high, with expectations of a significant price surge upon listing. 

As the market approaches the token launch, the team’s airdrop event is something that many users are enjoying. The unlimited airdrop event is a great way to gain N3 coins without much strain compared to the fees. 

N3 coins can be acquired on a daily basis, depending on the transaction fee, and with specific amount limits. For instance, if the daily transaction fee amounts to 20 USDT, users can obtain N3 coins up to 20 USDT. Users can enjoy N3 coin airdrop benefits, capped at a maximum of 10,000 USDT per person. The N3 coins airdropped as a result of daily trading fee generation are collectively distributed at 00:00 (UTC) on the following day.

During the unlimited airdrop event period(2023.10.30~2023.11.8), airdrops will be conducted without any limitations in comparison to fees. Starting from the day after the event ends, a daily maximum limit per account will be applied.

N3 Coin is in for an exciting journey as it secures 20% of the profits generated from the operating company’s revenue across three remarkable projects (NPS, N-PIK, and N-PIKA) each month once the services kick off. 

What’s more, the investment will be recovered after 5 years from the time of issuance. After the investment is recovered, the principal and proceeds will be distributed together, and the N3 Coin will be burned. This new coin ecosystem by e-cos will bring monetization through proof of value, and it doesn’t stop there. 

The future holds promises of expanding foundations and partnerships, creating vibrant opportunities for marketing and collaboration.”

“N3 Could Be A Second Rollbit!”

Rollbit’s 6-month 13,000% price growth has caught the attention of many. Unsurprisingly, investors have been looking for similar potential in other projects. N3 intends to position itself as the next big thing, with a potential for high returns.

The team’s optimism toward N3’s profit potential includes, for instance, the expected income from the ecosystem’s casino project (N-PIK). Regularly redistributing substantial profits can result in significant gains for N3 token holders. 

Even if the N3 coin fails to explode in value, participants can guarantee at least the initial cost invested. Its success potential is high enough that trying small amounts of trading mining now may be a prudent move. 

This event positions N3 as an opportunity worth considering for many investors. The team’s optimism towards the future of N3 coin and its potential profits make it a promising investment option. 

Getting Ready for the 3rd Crypto Bull Market

The team, through the INNODEX crypto exchange, aims to create a decentralized digital asset platform that is user-friendly. They strive to combine the best of both worlds: decentralization and centralization. 

This allows for safe trading through a user’s wallet with blockchain-verified assets. Their unique technology, Stay Pending, provides efficient gas fee management for everyone. This is an experience similar to centralized exchanges while maintaining the benefits of a DEX. 

With INNODEX, users can confidently trade without worrying about trading bots manipulating the market. As the world enters the 3rd crypto bull market, INNODEX is positioning itself in a strategic place. The team stands ready to provide reliable and clean trading services for all crypto enthusiasts.


INNODEX stands as the embodiment of a novel trading approach, merging the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Its model paves the way for secure, gas-free trading, with users holding the reins of their personal exchange wallets. 

INNODEX does not require any personal identification and allows users to transparently verify their on-chain stored assets. By taking the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges, the platform offers a highly user-friendly experience for everyone.

INNODEX’s vision relies on creating a space where anyone can trade freely, anytime, and from anywhere in the world. It is also a place where asset storage is secure and convenient for users. The platform prioritizes its user base with multiple services – including new feature updates –to cater to their needs.

Anyone wishing to learn more about INNODEX and the N3 coin ecosystem can refer to the team’s official website. Moreover, the social media pages below provide the latest updates on the platform’s development and progress. 

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