update 12 October 2021

Introducing DEXTools: The Center of all Defi Trading and Analysis

Trading in the crypto world is sometimes risky, especially to beginner investors. A single wrong move and the investor loses fortunes in their investments. Most of these risks arise because of the widening market, which comes with more insecurities and uncertainties. 

New investors will often need assistance or tools to ease their hassle and prosper when trading. However, most Defi platforms today are self-centered, each wanting to maximize its profits instead of focusing on the average investor. 

However, a new platform, DEXTools, aims to solve these issues by bringing services to help investors easily explore and analyze projects before investing in them. 

What is DEXTools?

DEXTools is a crypto platform designed to provide users with a world of tools and unique functions, insights, and data analytics helping investors trade in decentralized networks. It can primarily be dubbed the Defi hub since it provides functions that assist many Defi platforms and speeds up exchanges. 

This platform puts everything in one spot; thus, it’s easy for an investor to explore, see the history, etc., of an asset or the market with just one click. Additionally, an investor quickly makes their strategy, anticipates possible market dumps, etc. 

How Does it Work?

The DEXTools platform is designed with ultimate simplicity to allow everyone to access the services. For instance, the first step to accessing the services is opening the application from mobile to desktop. Afterward, the user should buy the DEXT at the exchanges and use it to pay for the subscription. 

Additionally, as a storage tool, DEXTools allows users to store data and access it from many different devices. Multi-device access helps ease the hassle of having to transfer data and boosts the reliability of the network. A user can also set live notifications to know if there are any changes in the trading sites like UniSwap. 

What Unique Features Does it Bring to UniSwap?

  • UniSwap Pool Explorer

The DEXTools platform improves Uniswap’s platform functionality by introducing an explorer tool. This unique tool allows investors to search for new pools, pass on or remove liquidity in some pairs, and choose the right investment asset. Additionally, this platform aims to show the best projects and issue red flags in scamming projects joining the crypto ecosystem. 

  • UniSwap Pair Explorer

The pair explorer for Uniswap bolsters investors’ ability to get the right pair. The investor gets the best teams by checking at the real-time graphics in this tool, and also the option to explore transactions. Investors using the tool will freely add pairs to favorites to maximize using them for profits. 

  • BigSwap Explorer

The platform also hosts a BigSwap explorer for Uniswap, displaying all the latest information about the BigSwaps in UniSwap. Investors will enjoy using the tools to get full maximum information about Swaps before investing. 

  • MultiSwap

MultiSwap is a UniSwap tool designed to allow investors to trade in Multiple Swap. This tool will help investors to use a set of diverse crypto swaps, thus maximizing their gains.  

Wallet Info Tool

DEXTools also implants a wallet info tool for UniSwap. Using this tool, an investor will save, search, and compare wallets from different platform users. Additionally, the tool will help store details about transactions, benefits, and orders for the investors. Investors leveraging the wallet info tool will, therefore, have an easy time tracking their finances. 

DEXT Token Economics

The DEXT platform has its native token dubbed DEXT token, which an investor must have to subscribe to the platform’s application. The total supply of these tokens is 150 million DEXT, with some of them circulating in public. DSXTools platform already burnt 50 million tokens from the team. It will also be burning 10% of monthly subscription tokens, thus making this token deflationary. 

Additionally, for marketing, the platform apportions an equivalent of 10 million tokens. Since DEXT is the native token in this ecosystem; therefore, an investor must own DEXT to subscribe to the application. 

DEXTools User Plans

DEXTools has three user plans, thus will help investors of different levels, from beginners to experts. The free version has features like the pool, pair, MultiSwap, and BigSwap explorers, including real-time UniSwap tools. This version does not require the user to have any minimum DEXT holdings to start. 

The second version is the Standard version, which contains the free version features plus many other features. It also adds others like wallet and transaction information, price alerts, and real-time hot pairs. 

Soon the Standard feature will host limit orders, trading bots, and Multiple DEX functionalities for investors. To subscribe to the basic version, the investor has to have 20 thousand plus DEXT tokens. The standard version users will get 50% discounts for holding more than 5000 DEXT. This 5000 holding is separate from the 20 thousand subscription fee.  

Another version is the Premium subscription, an all-inclusive version that costs investors 100 thousand DEXT. It has all the best features like DEXTshare, DEXRforce, and all other upcoming features. 

DEXTshare is a free premium model designed to create a platform where premium holders will enjoy a DEXT revenue share. Steadfast premium holders will enjoy 90% of the DEXT app subscription revenue as a token of appreciation for their relevance in the platform’s growth. DEXT will eternally burn the remaining 10% of these subscription fees. 


The DEXTool platform will soon ease all investors’ hassle of accessing Defi services by centering all the services on one platform. Using a single click, a new and experienced investor will enjoy the benefits of using the DEXTools in their daily trading activities in UniSwap, Kucoin, and SushiSwap, and several other exchanges. 

This platform implant features that help ease the process of exploring pairs and trades in different exchange platforms. The final part of the DEXtools road map is underway with the platform developers developing the features promised in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

price change

By the end of 2021, DEXTools will be functioning with integrated trading bots, and the Muldex platform will begin development. Crypto enthusiasts, investors, should try out the DEXTools app to ensure they get the best from UniSwap and other exchanges.

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