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Introducing ProfitRocket.AI – The Future of Community-Driven, AI-Optimized Crypto Investing

ProfitRocket.AI – The 1st AI-powered, fully automated crypto investment fund built on Binance Smart Chain – has announced the imminent launch of its private ICO presale. The much-anticipated event is an important milestone in the project’s development and includes a massive airdrop valued at over $320,000 (USD).

Everyone is keeping an eye on this token presale. So, here’s what you need to know about ProfitRocket.AI and its ambitions before the event starts!

How ProfitRocket.AI Seeks to Disrupt DeFi

ProfitRocket.AI is an up-and-coming project with a community-oriented mission. Its goal is to reach the forefront of DeFi innovation by creating substantial wealth for its users while remaining true to the basic principles of decentralized finance.

Its developers claim ProfitRocket.AI is the 1st AI-powered crypto investment fund that performs non-stop, fully automated trades. The platform does not charge any transfer fees. However, it applies a 10% tax on all buy/sell transactions involving its native ProfitRocket token. It then redirects 8% of this tax toward a community investment pool. The remaining 2% goes towards marketing and development.

Next, ProfitRocket.AI uses complex and sophisticated AI-powered crypto trading bots to invest and trade funds from the community investment pool with only one goal, take 30 days at a time and create as much profit as possible with the lowest amount of manageable risk.   

Every month, 75% of profits, if any, are distributed out to token holders.  10% of the 25% is allocated to business operations, and the remaining 15% stays in the investment pool as a way to ensure continuous growth. Therefore, holding ProfitRocket.AI tokens may be a lucrative long-term strategy for crypto traders and DeFi enthusiasts.

What Makes ProfitRocket.AI so Special

Automated crypto trading is not a new concept. In fact, hundreds of such services have been operating for years with varying degrees of success. ProfitRocket.AI takes it a step further by making crypto trading simple and maintaining equality among its investors.

The platform prides itself on keeping all of its operations 100% equal and transparent. For instance, ProfitRocket.AI users pay the same, no matter what, and none of them can gain unfair advantages over the other investors. The ProfitRocket.AI bots do not have a ceiling on gains. So, if a bot makes $1 million within a month, $750,000 is distributed among active token holders. 

No matter how sophisticated AI bots are or how great the investment may seem,  there is always some risk involved in any project.  In the rare event that the bots finish a month with losses,, the platform has allocated 5% of the total supply to their “Lost Prevention Fund” which is designed to cover any and all losses that the investment pool might incur. 

Investors can reinvest any percentage of their monthly payout into the pool to grow their overall contribution into the pool. Another earning avenue from ProfitRocket.AI is its staking options for  token holders. Users can stake and lock tokens for 30, 60, 90 days or even longer if they would like to, it is handled or calculated on a monthly basis. The team has reserved 7% of the total token supply for staking rewards.

An Exciting Future for This Revolutionary AI-Driven Trading Platform

ProfitRocket.AI has big plans for the future. Its developers claim the project will transition toward community governance within 1 year from launch. At that point, a group of the most loyal token holders will be chosen to oversee the governance. From there on, the platform will operate on a voting system where every token holder has a say.

The team has allocated 5% of the total token supply to hold funding promotions throughout the life of the project. Currently, they will be matching the value of the investment pool when certain milestones are reached during the presale. Moreover, ProfitRocket.AI will host a variety of contests and competitions throughout the presale and even after the project has gone live. The presale will run for the next 89 days, unless the event reaches its funding goals early.  

ProfitRocket Tokenomics

Here’s a short recap of the ProfitRocket tokenomics:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
  • 32.5% of the tokens are in the presale.
  • 17.5% for liquidity
  • 10% for CEX listings
  • 10% for the team
  • 8% goes into the investment pool.
  • 7% for staking rewards
  • 6% for marketing purposes
  • 4% for the project’s advisors
  • 3% go toward Airdrops and referrals

Everything You Need to Know about the ProfitRocket.AI ICO Presale

The ProfitRocket.AI Private ICO Presale will take place on the platform’s website. Therefore, it will not be available on a public launchpad. The event will last for three months (90 days) and run through 3 phases. Furthermore, the team will launch an airdrop running simultaneously with the presale and ending two weeks before the main event’s ending. More importantly, the team has reserved over $320,000 for this airdrop.

The project’s generosity doesn’t stop here, both the Presale and the Airdrop have referral sessions the top 25 registrants with the most referrals throughout the 90 day presale and will be awarded with an additional 5,000 PRAI tokens! 

You can learn more about ProfitRocket.AI at these links:

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 Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Instagram | Reddit

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