IOHK Submits Proposal for Final Alonzo Purple Upgrades

Earlier today, Input Output Hong Kong submitted a proposal for an upgrade to the Cardano testnet. The proposal sets out to complete the steps towards the Alonzo hard fork.

Moreover, the Alonzo era is significant progress for the chain as it will support smart contracts on Cardano. According to a Twitter thread by IOHK, this upgrade will happen within the next few hours.

Furthermore, the network will instigate the hard fork combinator, marking the final stages for the Cardano mainnet hard forking. The hard fork rolls out in mid-September, requiring prior testing in controlled conditions. IOHK expects to round up the process within the day, ensuring that everything is ready for the main split.

IOHK Ushers in Goguen Era

The Alonzo era marks the end of the Shelley era, which is the second era on the Cardano roadmap. Shelley came into work mid-2020, bringing Cardano into a proof-of-stake consensus. The algorithm aimed at creating delegation, whereby users could stake assets in other users’ stead (DPoS).

Besides, it created more incentives for nodes through Cardano tokens. These tokens will enable users to take part in on-chain voting. Cardano Shelley also presented Cardano Native Tokens (CNT), allowing the users to develop and deploy their tokens on the chain.

Once the update is over, Cardano will enter the Goguen era. Goguen sets to allow anyone to create and set up smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Furthermore, this is a gateway for decentralized applications native to the blockchain.

In Cardano’s development, Alonzo is a three-phased stage divided into Alonzo Blue, White, and Purple. Previously, the testnet covered Alonzo Blue and White, with the latter handling more participants and features than the former. As expected, Purple will go public with its first phase offering simple smart contracts and the second, complex ones.

The Mainnet Launches Soon

This last round will ensure that everything runs smoothly with thorough bug fixes. The smaller phases coming after will be Alonzo Red and Black. Both will surely give IOHK a chance to fix any remaining issues. Also, the chain expects feedback from its shareholders, SPOs, users, Plutus developers, and exchanges trying to integrate on the mainnet.

Exchanges will continue to test the arising implementations against the latest components versions. If it proves total stability, IOHK will know what to examine on the testnet before full integration on the mainnet.

Cardano live price
price change

The news of the update is boosting ADA prices on crypto markets. Investors expect a higher price action after the mainnet launch. Cardano proves to be an innovative project, hoping to achieve all its roadmap goals in days to come. Thus, the blockchain is an advisable investment, promising more after the Goguen era.

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