Is Activision Planning NFT Inclusion in the Next Call of Duty Games?

There is no way to avoid NFTs if you’ve been on the internet recently. Some view them as the future of technology, while others regard them as potential fraud.

NFTs had great success in 2021, which is probably because of their natural integration with Metaverse projects. It is not surprising that many important companies (even outside of the gaming world) have decided to invest in the Metaverse.

Rumors claim that Activision may be the latest company to join this trend with its Call of Duty game.

The Origin of this Speculation

NFTs might appear in this year’s Call of Duty, according to a leaker. Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty may incorporate blockchain tokens into its user interface. NFTs may impact additional customization choices for calling cards, emblems, avatars, and statistics.

The leaker claims that Activision has been considering launching NFTs for months. According to him, EA’s early opposition to NFTs might also lead to its demise in Activision. 

Major Gaming Companies and NFTs

“The future of our industry” was a phrase EA CEO Andrew Wilson used to describe NFTs and P2E games. Later, he backtracked, claiming that the long-term viability of NFTs and the blockchain is still up in the air. EA is not “pushing hard” on these technologies, as he claimed. 

In terms of NFTs, Activision has yet to make an official statement. The company has never stated whether or not it expects to explore the technology in the future. 

The proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft complicates the company’s position on NFTs. Implicitly, we may assume that Microsoft’s position on NFTs will largely weigh Activision’s choice. Xbox head Phil Spencer interestingly expressed his reservations about the technology. 

How Could NFTs Work on Call of Duty?

If NFTs will enter Call of Duty, the issue arises as to how they would appear in-game. If you are familiar with the CoD universe, you’ll know that NFT potential applications are everywhere.

Introducing emblems or calling cards as NFTs is a straightforward one. Using NFTs as a profile image on Twitter, players may have a custom calling card NFT on their profile.

Another option would be to give in-game cosmetics such as weapon camos, operator skins, and so on as NFTs. If that is the case, players will be able to trade these cosmetics in the future. 

Think about the Counter-Strike skins in the Steam marketplace: this isn’t a new concept at all.

Future Expectations

It is essential to repeat that Activision has not confirmed the rumor that most news portals mention these days. The leaker is a well-known insider in the Call of Duty niche, so it’s probably fair to say that Activision is at least studying this possibility.

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It’s naïve to exclude Microsoft from the matter: the company will likely have a say on it. Major gaming companies are being cautious on this matter, probably preferring to look at how the market is moving before risking taking a wrong decision.

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