Jack Dorsey Promotes Bitcoin Donations for Nigerian Protests

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has endorsed the protests taking place in Nigeria against police brutality. In a tweet on October 14, Jack urged his followers to donate Bitcoin to the #endSarse campaign.

He also shared a link to a special fund run by a group of Nigerian feminists fighting against police injustice in the nation. The protest began two weeks ago when thousands of youths took to the streets to protest against police brutality.

This protest was focused on a special police squad known as the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). The #endSARS also trended worldwide, with over 2 million hits within a few days of the protests.

Crypto community donating to protest

The protests against police brutality have also been supported by the crypto community in Nigeria and globally. Some of the top Nigerian crypto influencers shared their stories of incidents of police brutality.

CEO of popular payment platform Bundle Yele Bademosi relating how rogue police officers harassed him.

Other crypto startups like BuyCoins and Busha also donated to the cause via cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s donation was in response to allegations against the Central Bank of Nigeria, which closed access to the initial protest fund account.

Bitcoin as a decentralized currency has shown its usefulness during this protest period as it is immune to censorship.

This is one reason the coin continues to gain traction globally, with more users jumping on board.

Dorsey huge fan of Bitcoin

Dorsey is one of the few tech billionaires that has shown immense interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He is a major crypto enthusiast with high sentiments for Bitcoin, calling it one of the best native currency on the internet.

Dorsey also co-founded Square Inc, which is an open-source, non-profit organization to hold crypto patents. Square recently made headlines when it purchased $50 million worth of Bitcoin in the past week.

Bitcoin live price
price change

This surprise movement caused a major pump in the Bitcoin market price, with the leading coin hitting $11,700. Bitcoin continues to grow in adoption, and the recent unrest in Nigeria has made more people exposed to the coin.

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