Joe Rogan Said He Accepted $100k Worth of Bitcoin

Could Joe Rogan be a HODLer? The world’s biggest podcast host recently claimed that he’d accepted one hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin for a recent deal. If true, this would be Rogan’s first serious interaction with cryptocurrency that he has made public.

What Did Rogan Say?

Rogan revealed the recent payment during Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) episode #1728, nearly an hour into the show. The podcast was what he called a “supershow” featuring podcast hosts and comedians Shane Gillis, Ari Shaffir, and Mark Normand. It started as a lighthearted conversation about Covid-19, cancel culture, and comedians. However, in typical JRE fashion, the guests had moved on to discuss payments in cocaine within about an hour.

Then, when discussing Rogan’s personal wealth, Shaffir bragged on Rogan’s behalf that he had “gotten a deal for $100k”. That’s when Rogan interjected with the news:

“It’s not American money,” said Rogan. “Shut up. It’s Bitcoin. It’s all in Bitcoin.”

HIs comedians quickly followed by teasing him for being an “Illuminati” believer before moving on to other topics. Bitcoiners are typically libertarians who seek freedom from government censorship and control, making the comparison understandable.

Spotify Soars After Signing Rogan to Exclusive Podcast Deal - Bloomberg
Joe Rogan. Source: Bloomberg

Rogan’s Openness to Bitcoin

Considering what Rogan and Shaffir said, the podcast host must have received about 1.5 Bitcoin for his “deal,” if paid at today’s prices. However, the guests did not mention when exactly this payment took place. Rogan could hold as much as 2 BTC if it occurred only a month ago, given its lower price.

The fact that Rogan has accepted Bitcoin for payment means he’s serious about its value as a form of money. He has had multiple guests on his show in the past that have explained Bitcoin’s power and utility to him. These include keynote speaker and cryptocurrency expert Andreas Antonopolous and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In conversation with the latter, the podcaster said it was “cool” that people could buy and sell BTC with CashApp.

Even as early as 2014, Rogan defended Bitcoin in conversation with gold-bug Peter Schiff. Though only speculation at the time, he imagined a future that Bitcoin maximalists still believe in.

“As this little Bitcoin baby grows up, its gonna realize that this dollar that everybody’s been holding over its head as ‘superior’ is just ‘older’… maybe one day, Bitcoin’s gonna grow up and realize ‘You know what? There’s a better way’.”

Bitcoin live price
price change

Considering Bitcoin’s exploding popularity as of late, it’s possible Rogan could welcome another expert on his show to re-discuss the cryptocurrency.

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