Kick.io’s Cardano-Based IDO Launchpad Goes Live Today

Kick.io, a crypto fundraising platform, has announced the release of its IDO launchpad. The project accelerator will enable the Cardano community to raise funds for high-value projects. In a press release yesterday, the firm confirmed that the service would go live on October 1st 2021. It went on to invite community members to invest in unicorn-level projects. Members can do so by taking advantage of early investor privileges.

Kick.io is looking to be the go-to platform for funding Cardano-Based projects with high potential. The platform supports both projects running on the Cardano Blockchain (BC) and Cardano native tokens too. These two features give it the edge over its competitors.

Opportunities For Early Investments

Early investors will have the advantage of choosing from a curated list of projects on the Kick.io platform. As a result, they’ll have a chance to participate in the best BC projects and potentially earn high returns. In addition, the platform gives you access to start projects at the proper timings to enhance your profitability.

Additionally, Kick.io will provide you with staking functionality. You can earn an extra 5% by participating in endorsed projects. You’ll also get rewards for staking and supporting projects.

You’ll need to deposit KICK tokens to participate in the ecosystem. Again you have total control of how you allocate these tokens. The platform allows you to withdraw idle funds to your wallet of choice 24/7.

Front Row Access To Project Launches

Staking at least 20000 KICK in earns you extra benefits. You’ll have front row access to launching projects. These stakers have a 25% allocation of the sale a day before opening to the public.

The platform invites investors to analyze verified project listings. They can also meet the project founders. Further, they may endorse those projects they find credible besides supporting the most plausible. First, experienced investors and the platform’s due diligence team vet the credibility of projects. After that, they release their findings to other users.

The Next-Gen Decentralized Launchpad

Kick.io’s founding team consists of professionals in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and traditional finance. The platform embraces true decentralization. This way, it directly sends funds it has raised to project founders. Further, it swiftly distributes tokens generated to the holders.

Moreover, the platform is big on financial sustainability and inclusion. It seeks to develop the DeFi industry by diligently pursuing the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Its next-gen decentralized launchpad will run on cutting edge Defi industry practices. Apart from real-time settlement, It’ll offer users top-notch security and interoperability. Further, it guarantees you true decentralization while eliminating counterparty risk. Finally, it’s fully scalable, serving the needs of institutional investors.

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