update 18 August 2021

Kyle Samani Describes the Bitcoin Halving Event as Boost to The Bullish Side

The Multicoin Capital joint founder, Kyle Samani, has lately made comments on BTC progress, following his tweet about the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, made on 4th January this year. His thoughts on the halving event clearly exclaimed and stated that the “TLDR- is extremely bullish,” Following this remark, he predicted possible volatility to be visible within the two months before or after halving.

In his tweet, he exclaimed and commented on the matter related to the halving, with concerns based on the ‘Efficient Market Hypothesis’ discussions, describing it as academic nonsense. His main focus was on what mattered during the event, and this was the upward or downward movement of the BTC prices. 

Based on his remarks following the imminent halving, his thoughts explained that the Bitcoin would be more volatile based on +/- 60 days after the event. However, he was incapable of further explanation following the comment. 

Samani Comments on The Halvening Event

He further said that there might be fewer dollars to sell across the spread. In turn, marginal demand after the bitcoin halving would make the bitcoin price surge higher than pre-halving. 

Contrary to these statements, in the event bitcoin declines at an average of 50% following the halving event, his comments would be considered false and inaccurate. Based on the ‘Efficient Market Hypothesis’ discussions, the Bitcoin price would have already been bid up, leading to a 50% net capital plunge. 

At this point, Samani disagreed with the hypothesis predictions. In his own words, Samani explained that the market was aware of these possibilities. However, EMH”s hypothesis was not a sure bet.

His beliefs went towards understanding the inflow of fresh capital based on solving structural limitations. The insensitive acts of buyers towards the valuation of the BTC prices could foster the resolve further describing the structural shortcomings of BTC capital inflow.

price change

Moreover, he believed that three primary factors could be the boost for bitcoin prices; that included: the easier entrance of larger capital, lack of price care when this large capital enters BTC, and finally, the cut-offs by 50% of the issuers.