LCX Partners With Polkadot to Establish New DEX Aggregator

The Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) has announced the release of Fire Salamander on Polkadot, following the integration with Uniswap. The innovative Decentralized Finance (Defi) tool is a powerful Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Aggregator aiming to ease transactions within the Defi space. The next-gen DEX aggregator will use web 3.0 technology.

LCX is the first known parachain candidate managed and created directly by the core team of a centralized exchange within the Polkadot ecosystem. LCX is a fast-growing blockchain company showing their continuous efforts to create products that maximize the potential of DeFi.

Fire Salamander 

The DeFi DEX Aggregator by LCX offers a different trading experience with an easy Basic Swap and a Pro Swap, including beautiful DEX charting, algorithmic best price routing, and LCX’s popular limit order functionality. 

Monty Metzger, CEO and founder of LCX noted that their significant DEX aggregator is another critical milestone delivering better value for their users and the general LCX ecosystem.

Fire Salamander’s Basic Swap is an intuitive and straightforward interface to trade any token at the best price. The Pro Swap features an advanced view with sophisticated DEX charting. It also has a detailed exchange order routing overview with a comparison of prices. Users are free to choose between limit orders and market orders.

The powerful DeFi DEX Aggregator works on the Ethereum blockchain to fully integrate Uniswap V3 and six other decentralized exchanges. 

Building on Polkadot’s Parachain

According to the press release, LCX will advance Fire Salamander even further and will expand the system by building on top of Polkadot’s Parachain technology. 

These implementations will be supported by technical guidance from Parity Technologies, the commercial arm of Polkadot

Fire Salamander can quickly establish the most efficient paths for a token swap by scrutinizing significant decentralized market depths. It pushes the boundaries of what crypto traders expect from a DEX trading experience, and thus the trades are executed automatically to prevent price slippage.

The brains behind LCX also improved its Layer 2 DeFi protocol and smart contract framework to facilitate on-chain limit order trades. The platform recently launched another important Product Update for LCX’s DEX Aggregator, also identified as LCX Terminal 2.0. The most potent DEX Aggregator in the market, LCX’s Fire Salamander, is now getting even better.

The Update aims to refine the user experience with efficient multilingual expertise and generally support and integrate Uniswap V3 decentralized Exchange. 

Unleashing Blockchain Power

LCX is a powerful blockchain ecosystem with a variety of cutting edge products. The LCX Exchange is a regulated centralized cryptocurrency exchange for various digital assets that was founded in 2018. The company has its head offices in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and branches in Switzerland, crypto-valley Zug, and New Delhi, India.

The crypto-assets trading platform bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and blockchain technology. It was formed from the ground up, supporting its developing crypto portfolio desk’s proficiency and sophisticated crypto compliance suite.  

Metzger, said that the platform is a new category leader, innovating capital markets powered by blockchain technology. 

LCX live price
price change

The crypto-assets platform, LCX, is a member of the World Economic Forum and was named Blockchain Pioneer by the Blockchain Research Institute Canada. It operates under the new blockchain laws and has introduced their own token, $LCX, as a long-term incentive model for their community.

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