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LCX Unveils Crypto Trading Competition to Win a Rolex

LCX is a new next-generation cryptocurrency exchange regulated in reputable Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe. This regulated trading platform has been created with some of the best technologies to ensure service delivery in crypto is easy. The ecosystem, which launched in 2018, is rich with services from crypto, Defi, Launchpad, etc. 

The primary service provided by this platform is a centralized crypto spot exchange, where you can transact with several assets given in the platform. LCX token is the utility token of the platform and can also be exchanged with different assets, like, BTC, ETH, USDC, LINK, UNI, ENJ, Mana, HOT, INXT, and POLK. 

LCX received 8 blockchain-related approvals by the Liechtenstein regulator, more than any other company in the country. The due diligence compliance requirements are at the same standards as a bank or other financial institutions. Liechtenstein is a country next to Switzerland and Austria in the middle of Europe and received a AAA country rating from Standard & Poor’s – the highest rating possible. Being headquartered in Liechtenstein, LCX has direct market access to two markets, Europe (EU and EEA) and Switzerland.

Liechtenstein has introduced the most forward-thinking legal framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies, providing legal clarity and security for LCX’s users. 

LCX Exchange recently, on April 21, started a crypto trading competition with attractive rewards. 

The LCX Rolex Competition

LCX introduced a new trading competition aiming to give every trader a chance to win. This competition, commonly known as the LCX Rolex Trading competition, provides users with the opportunity to win a Rolex Milgauss and 50,000 LCX Token. You can sign up here.

But why did they choose the Rolex Milgauss? The Milgauss is a legendary watch for scientists with high specifications and a dream for many crypto traders.

The sweepstake starts on April 21, and it’s going for 31 days till May 21 – you can still enter and join the competition until May 1st. To be eligible to win, you only have to reach a daily trading volume of over $1000. The qualifying period is 31 days, but you only must trade the $1K trading volume for at least 20 days. On May 23, the LCX Rolex trading competition winners will be announced.

The first prize winner will choose between receiving the Rolex Milgauss or 100k LCX Token for winners outside of Europe. Additionally, there will be five more winners, each earning 10k LCX; this means the chance of making incomes has opened even wider.

All winners will be contacted by phone or email to confirm the acceptance of the prize. 

This competition will help attract thousands of users to the crypto space. It’s the first of many to come, especially for LCX traders. If you are interested in participating in the games and standing chances to win some monetary and gifty rewards, register for LCX services.

LCX Fostering Security, Convenience, and Usability

Generally, since the start of the crypto world, several exchange networks, including Binance, have faced hacking, and regulators have sued to phish, leading to the loss of millions and due to lack of compliance requirements offering of un-registered trading services.

LCX aims to be a next-generation exchange, regulated, a compliant, and most secure crypto exchange. It leverages its own advanced technology and infrastructure to ensure that security remains a priority.

Moreover, this platform encourages transparency for even more security. For instance, it adheres to the AML/KYC regulations; thus, it will be easy to monitor or flag any insecure or illegal transactions.

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Its convenience is seen from how well structured the UI is. Even a beginner trader can easily use the different services in the LCX platform. Additionally, this platform values the customers and has a 24/7 customer support desk.

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