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Madonna Teams Up with Digital Artist Beeple for an NFT Triptych

American singer and songwriter Madonna Louise Ciccone has partnered with renowned digital artist Beeple to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Queen of Pop unveiled this news through a tweet on May 9. She said her NFT project is dubbed Mother of Creation. The NFT triptych features three graphic videos.

According to Madonna, she and Beeple worked on the project for a year. She added that this project is unique because it is based on the idea of creation and motherhood. The opening of each video explores the concept of giving birth in different settings. These include a forest, a sterile environment, and a post-apocalyptic world.

In a statement, she said,

It’s been an amazing journey building this together from an intellectual idea to an emotional story, giving birth to art. I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.

Mother of Creation drops on SuperRare today with a starting price of 0.00035774 ETH ($1). Funds obtained from the sale of the triptych will go to three charity organisations that Madonna and Beeple picked. These are The Voices of Children Foundation, The City of Joy, and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

Each NFT has a unique name

According to the project’s website, all three NFTs are based on a 3D scan of Madonna. Each NFT has a unique name and theme. Mother of Nature depicts Madonna’s avatar giving birth to a branch that grows into a full tree. This video takes place in a cold laboratory setting with no sign of life.

Mother of Technology features Madonna’s avatar giving birth to robotic centipedes. This video depicts a beautiful, centipede-roaming forest. The NFT shows how science and technology can bring light into the world if we use it correctly. However, technology can quickly turn into a dark force if it ends up in the wrong hands.

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The Mother of Evolution NFT shows butterflies coming out of Madonna. In this video, Madonna’s avatar is located in a post-apocalyptic scene. The butterflies are a sign of hope, showing that not all life is lost. More importantly, this NFT relays the message that if you wait for the world to be perfect or for your life to be perfect to create art, it will never happen.

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