MDEX Introduces Boardroom Feature for More Passive Income Creation Options

MDEX is a decentralized exchange network offering exchange and other services in three blockchain networks, including HECO, Ethereum, and Binance smart chain. This automated market maker (AMM) platform is a distinctive network providing much-needed multichain support, thus accessible to all investors.

Generally, MDEX as a network has many services that can help create income and efficiency for users. The passive income services provided include trading, staking, trading mining, and liquidity mining. The liquidity and trading mining features are part of the dual mining system used by Mdex, by which traders and stakers have a chance of maximizing their incomes. 

Recently, MDEX, on their medium page, announced the release of their new product, the Boardroom. So what does it do, and how?

The MDEX Boardroom

MDEX is launching a new long-term MDex boardroom lockup feature that will help in streamlining the mining, income generation, and locking. This new function vastly helps support the staking functions and demand.

This boardroom feature launch will vastly help in encouraging users to save more to maximize incomes. However, unlike the earlier boardroom features, the new feature comes with its policies including; 

  • This locker can now work with a variety of staking locking periods for MDX staking. Investors can choose the 30, 90, 180, or 360 days staking pools with ease. Giving a variety of locking options makes it easy to maximize income. 
  • Like other staking platforms, the length of the stake is the determinant of the value of the reward, i.e., the longer your staking duration, the better the earnings at the end, with the vice versa being true. 
  • Lockup proceeds/bonuses can be withdrawn at any time. However, the principal investment or locked amount will remain in the pool till the period ends. This will help ensure the pools are properly manageable and people invest more and save more.
  • Any unclaimed proceeds after the lockup position ends will be transferred to users’ wallets.

The New APYs

The new boardroom rules, especially those involving staking, create a good income for you as an investor. The APYs connected to each staking are super high as follows;

  • 30-day lock attracts a 362.94%
  • 90-day lock attracts 837.04% APY
  • 180 day MDX lock attracts a 4456.3% APY
  • 365-day lock attracts a 193760.06% APY

These APYs are higher than those provided with any other decentralized exchange network. 

Why MDEX stands out as a Decentralized Exchange

Many decentralized exchange platforms like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, and Sushiswap have excellent staking and reward provision policies. MDEX is already available on Ethereum and is proving to be the best Dex in service provision. It is focusing on expanding vastly in the BSC to benefit from the efficiency of the BSC network

Mdex has surpassed other Dexes in service provision, and it’s currently going for the top spot in Dexes in general. Among the benefits it holds over other Dexes like UniSwap, Pancakeswap and Sushiswap include;

  • Dual Mining- Today, Mdex is the only decentralized exchange platform providing the dual mining feature. This feature makes Mdex tower above other Dexes to create passive income since users can get the best returns. 
  • Returns- As already mentioned, the APYs of MDEX are quite high; thus, both small and large investors can benefit vastly. 
  • Multiple chain availability- As already mentioned, the MDEX network is connected to 3 blockchains, including BSC, HECO, and Ethereum. Being able to provide services in multiple blockchains makes this platform highly accessible to crypto and Defi enthusiasts.
  • The Boardroom- Boardroom is another excellent feature distinguishing Mdex from its other competitors Pancakeswap and Uniswap. This feature is created, as mentioned earlier, as a tool for maximizing income. 
  • Speedy growth- Unlike other Dexes, which are stagnant in growth, Mdex is excelling. At the time of writing, Mdex 24 hour trading volume was about $700 million, and the TVL stood at $2.5 billion. 
  • IMO feature- the IMO feature is another unique service provided by the Mdex network. This feature will help upcoming platforms receive funds from the users. 
  • Absolute user-friendliness- Unlike many highly complex crypto platforms, MDEX is instituting a very easy-to-use interface, with all services easy to locate. Therefore, it proves to be a highly user-friendly network providing the best user experience.
  • Speed and scalability- Currently, almost all Ethereum based dexes are clouded with a lack of speed and efficiency. However, MDEX is based on HECO and BSC, highly scalable networks. Transactions are completed in about three seconds. Also, due to scalability, the network can host expanding amounts of services.
  • Lower transaction charges- Due to the increasing issues in Ethereum, transaction charges in Dexes like Uniswap and Sushiswap are relatively high. However, with the use of HECO and BSC, transaction fees in MDEX are more favorable.

The Roadmap and The Future

Recently, MDEX updated its roadmap to include the services they are planning to include in their platforms. In addition, the boardroom rules updates prove that the Mdex developing team is genuinely committed to the platform’s future. 

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This boardroom is part of the DAO governance options. 21 Boardroom members, super directors will participate in initiating project advancements and enjoy dividends. Other network participants can vote on the projects proposed using MDX shares. Updating the Mdex boardroom rules is a step in the right direction for the MDEX. 

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