Meta Presses On with Metaverse Plans; Files 8 New Digital Asset Trademarks

Moving forward with its plans for expansion within the metaverse, Facebook’s parent company Meta filed 8 pertinent trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Meta’s Trademark Applications Cover a Lot

Meta’s latest trademark filings prepare for multiple scenarios of crypto-related services and products. Most of the company’s applications connect its logo to products and services within the crypto industry, as well as the metaverse, and the digital sphere at large. Trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis provided a breakdown of the filings in a recent tweet. Kondoudis who is based in Washington DC also made the original announcement via this tweet.

The applications span across virtual tokens and currencies, blockchain software, exchange platforms, and crypto trading. They also cover networking and dating services in the digital space, even featuring an offshoot aimed at connecting crypto investors. 

One filing addresses the development of Web3 based hardware and software while another deals with accessories for VR video games. Telecommunication services, e-publishing, and metaverse advertising are other fields Meta will be exploring.

Big Plans for the Metaverse

In an official release, Kondoudis clarified that this was part of the nation’s game plan as it delved into the metaverse. This is only a small aspect, the USPTO-licensed lawyer later added:

Meta clearly has significant plans for the virtual economy that will drive it.”

Meta’s interaction with the metaverse will extend far beyond the typical framework such as NFTs and other related services. Even a cursory study of the trademark filings is enough to make it obvious that Meta has big plans for the digital space. This is not exactly a new observation.

While rebranding from Facebook to Meta, the company shared that its presence in the metaverse would entail long-term, large-scale projects. According to a Bloomberg release, the trademark attorney noted something along these lines. Kondoudis pointed out that Meta’s size and level of influence were pivotal factors.

 As monumental as  Meta’s moves should be, however, they cannot occur instantaneously. It can take nearly a year for the USPTO to process applications post-filing. Additionally, having more extensive plans does not mean Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be abandoning NFTs entirely.  

Zuckerberg recently shared that Meta subsidiary Instagram will soon move forward with NFT integration across its range of products.

Other large corporations that recently kicked off their metaverse journeys with trademark filings include beverage company Monster Energy and fast-food chain Burger King. Incidentally, the latter made its filing on the same day as Meta.

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Kondoudis revealed that Burger King has plans for non-fungible tokens, blockchain software, crypto trading, and digital restaurants.

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