Metaverse Games to Keep an Eye on in 2023

The gaming industry has recently witnessed a surge in demand for metaverse games. These virtual worlds offer gamers an immersive experience and unique gameplay opportunities.

With more developers investing in this burgeoning sector, 2023 looks set to be a momentous year for these innovative titles.

This article will look at some of the most anticipated metaverse games of the year and briefly overview each title.

How are Metaverse Games Different?

Metaverse games are virtual worlds that exist as persistent online social environments. Players can interact with each other in these digital spaces and engage in activities such as combat, exploration, or crafting.

These titles offer an expansive gaming experience to players. The platform allows its community to explore a vast open world and build relationships with other gamers. As well as providing an immersive environment for gamers, metaverse games also offer the potential for real-world interaction.

Metaverse games appeal to a wide range of gamers, from casual players to hardcore enthusiasts. These titles attract an ever-growing audience by providing an engaging and immersive experience.

Top Metaverse Games in 2023

While many metaverse games are developing, the hype for some upcoming titles is rising faster than others. Here’s a list of the top metaverse games to watch in 2023.


One of the most anticipated metaverse games is Dypius (formerly known as DeFi Yield Protocol). A play-to-earn game, Dypius will offer users a new way to earn and store digital assets in NFTs. With its decentralized infrastructure, players can expect to experience blockchain technology with minimal friction.

The closed beta version of the game will be available in December 2022 and features multiple playable areas, rewards, and items. The main character and their NFT will start the journey together in different lands with different difficulty levels. All game assets are decentralized, allowing players to trade them freely with other gamers in this RPG system.

“Campaign” and “Multiplayer” are the players’ main modes. Furthermore, gamers will find other more specific sections such as “Inventory,” “Credit Store,” “News,” and “Leaderboard.”

The Open World section lets users find shops to purchase gear and tools with in-game currency. Also, the team has anticipated visiting a casino to play mini-games with other players and NPCs.

Dypius promises a new gaming experience; its demo version will be available this month. The early release will allow users to try several game features before its launch.


Metacade is another title that gamers and metaverse enthusiasts are watching with anticipation. It is the latest Web3 community hub focused on metaverse and blockchain gaming. The project aims to disrupt the traditional gaming model by empowering players.

Metacade rewards gamers for their contributions with its token, allowing them to vote on games they’d like to see funded.

This project aims to appeal to gamers wishing to have a role in game development and earn tokens.

The team’s Play-to-Earn approach includes exclusive tournaments, casual testing gigs, and a reward system. Specifically, users can collect rewards after sharing content related to blockchain and metaverse gaming.

Metacade aims to be the go-to community hub for all players interested in gaining more from playing games. With tournaments and token rewards, it wants to be an attractive platform for the enjoyment of casual and hardcore players.


Alóki is another name creating a buzz in the blockchain space. The project focuses on reconnecting people with nature and the environment while introducing gameplay mechanics based on blockchain technology.

This project wishes to be a first of its kind and offers an innovative play-to-own concept. Through this ecosystem, Alóki allows users to explore the wilderness of Costa Rica. In addition, the platform provides its community with a digital version of real-life Costa Rica nature to win physical real estate here.

The primary aim of Alóki is to divert blockchain wealth towards something that positively impacts our environment and society. At the same time, the team wishes to provide users with a mission-driven, purposeful investment opportunity. Its play-to-own concept also allows users to earn money while also doing good.


Genopets will also launch in the next months to give players a more interactive and engaging experience than ever before. In addition, it promises to reward those who take good care of themselves with unique NFTs, in-game resources, and rewards.

The game will feature an extensive NFT marketplace where players can trade, exchange, and auction their assets. This will include rare Genopets, special items, and exclusive in-game collectibles.

The game revolves around the “Move-to-Earn” concept, which encourages players to stay active and participate in various activities. The app will check biometric data like heart rate, sleep pattern, and physical activity to reward players with in-game currency.

Genopets is a new blockchain game incorporating the health and well-being of its players into its core gameplay mechanics. This team wants to propose an advanced product to change how people play games.

Final Thoughts – The Metaverse Gaming Scene Aims for Explosive Growth

With new titles coming in 2023, the metaverse scene hopes to resume its growth after the recent crypto bear market. As the industry continues to evolve, more gamers will be able to explore these expansive virtual worlds.

Many developers are investing in these titles to create unique and innovative games appealing to a wide range of gamers. As a result, investors are becoming increasingly interested in the space, and this capital influx may result in the release of ambitious projects. 

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The metaverse gaming industry is still in its infancy. However, with the right support and guidance, it will strive to become the dominant form of entertainment.

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