“Miami believes In Bitcoin,” Says Mayor Suarez After Hosting The Bitcoin WP

The city of Miami is one of the very few cities in the world that are actively exploring ways to utilize Bitcoin. The city’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, has shown immense interest in the cryptocurrency and believes in its potential.

Miami Uploads Bitcoin White Paper

On Wednesday, Miami uploaded a copy of the Bitcoin Whitepaper to its municipal website, a move that is currently becoming popular among several bitcoin-friendly companies and governments worldwide.

The city’s official blog post reads, “The City of Miami is dedicated to becoming a model 21st century city. We think that means embracing and supporting disruptive technologies that challenge the status quo and improve how we interact with one another. Bitcoin… is a technology we believe will transform the world.”

In a tweet announcing the upload, Mayor Suarez stressed that he intends to make Miami a favorable environment for crypto innovations.

He said, ” The City of Miami believes in bitcoin. I’m working day and night to turn Miami into a hub for crypto-innovation. [I am] proud to say Miami is the first municipal government to host Satoshi’s whitepaper on a government site.”

Bitcoin Taxes

The mayor has already started taking several steps to actualize his goal. He recently suggested he may consider investing some of the city’s funds in bitcoin and allowing citizens to pay their taxes and fees to the city in cryptocurrency.

He also hosted a City Hall meeting with the Winklevoss brothers, Tyler and Cameron, founders of the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, to discuss cryptocurrency’s future bitcoin and the chances of building a headquarters for the company in Miami.

Craig Wright Threatens Lawsuit

The ongoing Whitepaper upload rally had been spurred by the threats given by the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, Craig Wright, demanding in letters sent by his lawyers for the Bitcoin Whitepaper to be removed from the domains bitcoin.org and bitcoincore.org.

The letters had clearly stated that Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, does not want to distribute the Whitepaper on both websites, and uploading it on the websites is “a straightforward copyright infringement.”

Bitcoin live price
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Craig Wright’s latest attempt to prove his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, among several failed attempts.

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