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Milady’s Charlotte Fang Steps Down After Bigoted Past Resurfaces

Co-founder of the Milady Maker NFT collection Charlotte Fang no longer holds their position as CEO. After Twitter users kicked up an uproar concerning their ties to certain racist and homophobic blog posts and possibly a suicide cult, Fang quit the project.

0xngmi’s Allegations

DefiLlama analyst 0xngmi made the allegations in a thread showing tweets from Miya’s old account. Miya compares black people to gorillas in these posts and says “strong male figures” are necessary to tame women. The poster highlights the murder of Jews as the first step to saving any country and tags homosexuality as a disease.

Miya also encourages colonizers to eradicate aboriginals or keep them in zoos, dubbing them “primitive sub-humans.” These disturbing statements are unfortunately not the end of the scandal. 0xngmi also called attention to a series of tweets where Miya boasts about grooming young girls.

He uncovered another one of the Milady founder’s older accounts with the username, Sonya. Besides posting similar content with Miya, Sonya reportedly managed a “harem of e-girls.” In a group chat where minors were encouraged into eating disorders and self-harm, one post contained abusive rules these girls followed.

Additionally, Charlotte/Miya/Sonya was supposedly part of a suicide movement called Systemspace. This community urged members to commit suicide, plying them with promises that they would gain access to “paradise” upon death. Oxngmi alleged that five years back, a 17 year old in Canada killed himself due to the influence of this cult.

How did Charlotte Respond?

Fang initially attempted to deny the allegations; however, amidst the clamor, they self-doxxed and confessed to running the Miya account.

OK, full disclosure: I was Miya. And its toxic baggage that’s hurting Milady community & poisoning the vibe.”

Also referred to as Charlie, Fang admitted to making the controversial posts calling them Miya’s “toxic baggage.” To stop the scandal from reflecting on Milady, Charlie resigned as CEO and made a public apology.

The former executive stated that Miya’s content was unrelated to their actual views and the Milady NFT project. However, 0xngmi appears to disagree with this as he called out the other project founders in his Twitter expose. A virtual collective called Remilia was behind the launch of the Milady Maker NFTs. 

Remilia, the organization Fang no longer leads, released Milady Maker in August last year. The NFT collection comprises 10,000 anime-inspired pfp avatars, on the surface, just like any other slightly generative collection. However, Milady and its parent collective have always held an air of mystery.

Remilia has faced fire in the past due to shared similarities between its collection and the Nazi movement. 

Remilia’s Possible Involvement

A few avatars in its sequel project wore t-shirts emblazoned with a Nazi concentration camp name, “Treblinka.” Furthermore, the NFTs are ranked based on rarity, with the highest tier dubbed “SS.” Another contentious feature is that these are reminiscent of the Nazi party’s initials.

0xngmi’s expose claimed that Fang/Miya is part of the Kali Yuga Accelerationism. Widely known as Kaliacc, the collective has its roots in Hinduism but has since evolved into a white supremacist cult. The organization pushes followers to practice strange and typically self-injurious acts of devotion.

This accurately describes Miya’s behavior to some extent. Twitter users are now speculating that the whole of Remilia is entrenched in the Kaliacc. The accusing thread noted that several Remilia members follow anorexic young girls on Twitter and accounts with ties to Miya.

Milady Prices Tumble Amid Drama

Since the onset of the debacle, Milady has seen its prices take a sharp turn downwards. The tokens formerly averaged about $2000 each, even recording $6k highs just a month ago. A 55% decrease over the past day had the Milady tokens selling around $500 at present.

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price change

Fang is still under attack for duplicity, bigotry, and the overall vile behavior of their past. Across the general NFT community, participants have begun to raise questions about creator anonymity.

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