Millennials Consider Crypto as a Possible Retirement Plan, Study Says

A recent poll observes the prevalence of crypto among US residents above 18 years.


As technology continues to shape the future as we see it, it appears that millennials are putting their best foot forward in alignment with technological development.

French company Alto Invest recently explored prevalent investment practices of persons aged 18 years and above. While most respondents expressed a desire for real estate investment, several others considered crypto a bargain for the future.

Alto Invest’s findings concluded that many millennials (persons aged between 25 to 40) hold a significant interest in cryptocurrencies. 

The analysis becomes more interesting when compared with the percentage of millennials investing in other financial programs like mutual funds. According to Alto Invest’s poll, about 4 in every 10 American millennials could have some sort of investment in crypto. This figure, while not set in stone, is notably larger than those who hold mutual funds. Notably, this number is similar to the number of millennials with stocks.

Crypto to Ease Retirement

The report by Alto Invest dubbed “How Millennials See Their Financial Future” also explored how millennials envisaged retirement.

Most young adults under 40 indicated a desire to retire at the relatively virile age of 59, rather than the conventional 67 years. More interestingly, most of the respondents with investments in crypto believe cryptocurrencies could aid in early retirement.

As a matter of fact, an encouraging percentage of respondents already had an International Retirement Account (IRA). Indeed, Alto Invest’s study revealed that about 70% of millennials with crypto and  IRAs already have crypto assets in their IRA. Also similarly, 70% of millennials who own digital gold consider the decentralized token as quite beneficial in old age.

Despite the glowing stats, there are yet concerns, especially regarding the present state of things. Eric Satz, CEO and founder of Alto Invest noted that the current economic crisis may affect the rate of investments among millennials. 

In a world of conspicuous consumption, soaring living costs, and mounting student loan debt,” Satz wrote, “millennials find it difficult to invest for the future because they are struggling to afford the present.”

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Regardless, the study concluded that interest in alternative forms of investments is still high. What is more, crypto retains plenty of this interest.

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