Minecraft Prohibits NFTs, Blockchain Usage on Game servers

The creators of Minecraft have announced new guidelines that prohibit the use of blockchain technology in connection with the game. In a post published on Wednesday, the studio voiced its disapproval of NFTs, citing their tendency to be “exclusive” and “scarcity-bound”. The Microsoft-owned studio, Mojang, stated that it made the decision for the security and enjoyment of its players.

New “No NFTs” Guidelines

The updated guidelines state that Minecraft does not permit the integration of blockchain technologies inside the game. Pointedly, the publication listed the following scenarios among its new prohibited activities:

  • The use of all blockchain technologies
  • Using Minecraft in-game content e.g., skins, worlds, persona items, etc. to create scarce virtual assets.
  • NFT play-2-earn activities
  • Creating NFT collectibles with Minecraft mods
  • Offering NFTs as rewards for tasks outside the game.

In fact, Mojang bans the creation of any NFT implementations that have any connections with Minecraft world files and skin packs. 

Why Mojang Made the Decision

The studio explained its decision by stating that NFTs operate on a principle that antagonizes the values of Minecraft. In the post, the creators reiterated that Minecraft stands for “creative inclusion and playing together.” Therefore, NFTs which thrive on scarcity and exclusivity are antithetical to the game. Its post read:

NFTs, however, can create models of scarcity and exclusion that conflict with our Guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft.”

In addition, Mojang mentioned that NFT implementations could distract players from enjoying the game and lure them into profiteering instead. Consequently, to maintain a game environment that is inclusive and safe for players, blockchain technologies are banned from the game.

Web3 Gaming Project Negatively Impacted

Unfortunately, this decision was detrimental to a major web3 gaming project, NFT Worlds, causing it to drop 70% since the post went live. NFT Worlds was built to handle Minecraft third-party integrations, therefore this new development is unfavorable for the project. Per Coinmarket data at writing, WRLD, the protocol’s token is down 65% as well. Nonetheless, NFT Worlds’ developers have reassured their community of their unflinching support. The team stated in a tweet that they are exploring solutions, including potential pivots if the situation demands it. 

Mojang’s announcement has already stirred up controversy on various fronts. Some influencers on Twitter have labeled the move as backward and one of the ills of web2, among other things.

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However, the studio claims the move might not be permanent as it aims to observe the evolution of blockchain technology. According to Mojang, once blockchain technology solves the problem of inclusivity and security, it might review the guidelines. But for the present, NFTs and other blockchain tech remain prohibited on Minecraft and all related implementations.

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