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Mizar – The Fastest Uniswap Sniper Bot Reveals New, Superior Trading Tools

Mizar is a crypto trading platform specializing in developing trading bots on centralized and decentralized exchanges. It is backed by prestigious industry brands like Nexo, KuCoin, Huobi, and MEXC, and over 20,000 crypto traders use it regularly. In 2023, the team has been diligently developing an impressive new suite of DeFi tools, leading to the launch of D-Mizar, which includes:

  • A research dashboard where to find early investment ideas, analyze tokens’ performance, and verify tokens’ security.
  • Sniper bots on Uniswap – Ethereum, including automatic functionalities such as auto-sell and anti-rug protection.
  • Wallet Copy-trading (coming soon)

This Mizar review looks closer at the platform’s inner workings, new features, and upcoming releases. Discover how smart and advanced trading tools make automated crypto trading safer and more effective.

What is Mizar?

Mizar enables CeFi traders to develop and execute low-risk trading strategies through a versatile offer of tools, including a two-sided marketplace to copy-trade the strategies of successful traders.

DeFi investors seeking to access early-stage altcoins can rely on the platform’s services, such as its token research dashboard and trading bots on Uniswap v2.0. 

If most crypto trading platforms use monthly subscription fees, Mizar takes a different approach by charging fees based on traded volume. The marketplace instead relies on the principle of profit sharing.

The platform consists of two separate products, C-Mizar and D-Mizar.

C-Mizar connects traders to over 10 centralized exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and OKX, automating their transactions with trading bots and other smart trading tools. Traders can create their own DCA bots and copy-trade over 50 official traders. 

D-Mizar empowers traders by enabling them to find and trade new tokens on Uniswap. Within the research dashboard, Mizar’s traders gain access to a revolutionary system that actively monitors over 600 Telegram channels, aggregating the token research efforts of numerous crypto enthusiasts into a single, user-friendly table. Before investing, Mizar’s users can utilize the Mizar Token Sniffer to inspect the token, confirming its key details and security settings. After completing the necessary due diligence, traders can either secure pre-launch tokens by being the first to snipe them at launch or buy tokens with added automated features, such as automatic profit-taking. Additionally, Mizar offers an advanced anti-rug functionality to help traders protect against rug pulls and scams.

$MZR is Mizar’s native utility token bridging all the Mizar operations and tools. Its primary goal is to help reduce fees and enable users to maximize their trade profits.

Behind Mizar is an expert team of professional traders with solid backgrounds in leading corporations. Their expertise includes developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading solutions and trading various assets and commodities. The team aims to build a community where members can learn, share ideas, and make well-informed investment decisions.

Mizar Features

Mizar is constantly developing and adding new tools for its growing community of crypto traders. Three of its most recent features include:

Mizar Telegram Calls

Mizar Telegram Calls empowers traders in identifying sniping opportunities within the Uniswap – Ethereum ecosystem by monitoring over 600 Telegram Channels and Groups. Whenever a new token contract is mentioned in any of these channels, Mizar categorizes it as a potential trading call and shows it a dashboard. 

Mizar’s users can access supplementary data for each token contract, including the source of the call, real-time information on price and market capitalization, total liquidity, pool size, and essential security details such as potential honeypot risks and associated buy and sell tax rates.

Mizar Token Sniffer

The Mizar Token Sniffer is a free and public tool enabling users to research and verify the security of any ERC-20 tokens. It gives traders access to advanced information, such as contract taxes, limits on buy and sell amounts, token owner and creator details, and numerous other parameters.

The Mizar Token Sniffer does all that verification work for traders and provides a comprehensive dashboard, helping them make better-informed decisions. It empowers traders and makes DeFi a more transparent and secure space.

Mizar Sniper Bot

The core tool of D-Mizar is the Sniper Bot, enabling users to buy and sell tokens on Uniswap v2.0 – Ethereum quickly. The Sniper bot is fully automated and requires no technical knowledge or coding skills. Users can buy tokens as soon as they’re launched and set an automatic take-profit to sell them automatically when they reach a predetermined price. Additionally, Mizar developed an advanced safety system that automatically protects against rug pulls after the purchase.

Like the Token Sniffer, the Sniper Bot is jam-packed with security features, preventing traders from purchasing tokens that don’t meet basic safety parameters. 

Using a Sniper Bot is a significant advantage for proactive traders seeking recently launched tokens. It rewards them with excellent positioning early after the launch and before the token surges in value, as is usually the case. More importantly, it does so automatically, thus relieving users from extensive and often tedious searches for new and viable token releases.

More Mizar Tools on the Horizon

D-Mizar was officially launched on Tuesday, the 12th of September, after 4 months of hard development and dedication.  Traders can do a free test drive and enjoy everything they offer. Meanwhile, Mizar is working on other tools and features to revolutionize DeFi trading.

Mizar is currently in the process of developing automated DeFi bots designed to simplify the trading experience. These bots will incorporate features like copy trading, making DeFi trading accessible to the less experienced. Additionally, Mizar is committed to continuously expanding research tools, enabling traders to make better-informed decisions and identify promising investment opportunities more swiftly than their peers. Lastly, Mizar is actively working on broadening its support for various protocols, integrating with additional blockchain networks and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

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You can learn more about Mizar at these links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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