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MyCointainer Review – Earn Passive Income While You Sleep

Getting started on cryptocurrency can be challenging, especially for newbies in the Forex market. Either way, whether you are a newbie or an expert, generating substantial profits is only a walk in the park with a clear strategy. 

There are smart ways of making significant profits in cryptocurrency apart from just the traditional ideology of buying low and selling high. Proof of Stake coins is one way to earn smartly with crypto trade and is becoming a popular trend as the coins offer a hint of sustainability and real value.

Recently, coins based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm have been rising, mostly because PoS-powered blockchains don’t consume energy or require expensive hardware to authenticate transactions. The PoS algorithm is also less prone to hacking attacks since the network structure makes it almost immune to mining attacks. It is also called dividend-paying cryptocurrencies traded on PoS platforms such as MyCointainer.

About MyCointainer

MyCointainer is an automatic online staking and masternode platform that generates profit from your coins through stakes. The platform allows users to choose and stake their PoS coins and get staking rewards from multiple crypto assets at once in the long run.

MyCointainer offers over 100 different Supported Digital Assets.


Unlike other platforms, MyCointainer is licensed by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) to offer crypto exchange and wallet management services.

Supported Fiat Currencies

MyCointainer currently supports the following currencies:

  1. USD – American Dollar
  2. GBP – Pound Sterling
  3. EUR – Euro
  4. PLN – Polish Zloty
  5. NOK – Norwegian Krone
  6. CHF – Swiss Franc

How Does MyCointainer Work?

MyCointainer works by running stakes and masternodes. A masternode is a computer wallet that keeps the entire copy of the blockchain in real-time. The staking pool, easily located at the core of MyCointainer, is the reward infrastructure that benefits every user who has staked their coins, even those with a small number. MyCointainer can automatically generate access to shared masternodes with every reward channeled to stakers subject to the compound interest. The returns are based on each coin consensus rule and usually vary from 1% to 149%. Some investments get a reward fee of up to 9%, although most have no reward fees. The platform has transparent costs; users can view them on their dashboards.

One thing that makes MyCointainer stand out from the rest of the staking and masternode platforms is that every user benefits from it, even those with little coins. This is because every reward in the platform is subject to compound interest; hence you earn more rewards the longer you stake your coins. This system lets holders of digital assets quickly and efficiently increase their profits without much hassle – just being part of a staking community.

How to Deposit and Withdraw on MyCointainer

MyCointainer allows you to deposit any amount without a withdrawal limit. You can also withdraw your coins at any point.

To deposit on MyCointainer, click the “wallet” tab and select Deposit. Next, select the preferred FIAT currency you would like to deposit. Finally, you confirm the payment and then select the payment method.

To withdraw from MyCointainer, you provide the withdrawal address, and your coins are channeled there. It will take 24 hours for the system to process a withdrawal request.

How to Earn Rewards with MyCointainer?

Earning rewards on this platform is straightforward. After depositing a crypto coin of your choice to the MyCointainer staking address, the staking begins automatically. As your investments go on automatically, future rewards are credited and added to your balance. MyCointainer has made the process of passively earning transparent and verifiable, thus providing a clear copy of all the stakes, Id transactions, and rewards to every participant in the staking pool.

MyCointainer Power Plan

MyCointainer Power Plan is a subscription service feature that gives cryptocurrency fanatics a new and exciting way of earning money. This feature gives users access to the entire portfolio of PoS and Masternode coins listed on MyCointainer. With the MyCointainer power feature, you can solely focus on your assets plus their rewards without relying on updates, which means that you only need to deposit coins on the platform and earn rewards. In addition, you receive 100% compensation since all staking fees are cut to 0%.

MyCointainer has two power plan packages:

  1. Power Max Plan – It charges 8.90 EUR per month, allowing users to access VIP giveaways, and it also comes with Reward Match Promise.
  2. Power Plus – This version charges 3.90 EUR per month, but users can’t access VIP giveaways and offer as Reward Match Promise.

The two plans play a big part in the community by funding various projects through a community fund. 

Benefits of MyCointainer

With Proof of Stake technology, MyCointainer enables users to earn from their coin stakes. In addition, the platform has the following benefits:

  • FIAT to crypto eased – Users on MyCointainer can easily buy crypto with FIAT currency.
  • Shared Masternodes – The platform enables users to access shared masternodes staking involving various coins. With each reward subject to compound interest, users have an excellent chance to enhance their earnings.
  • User-friendly platform – MyCointainer has a user-friendly interface that both newbies and experienced crypto traders can use. The platform doesn’t require much expertise when managing coins or investing in using the platform. 
  • Referrals – this is a “Refer a Friend” system where users get 20% of your reference’s reward! 

Brief Summary

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MyCointainer aims to grow a crypto aficionados community to allow members to earn a steady income without many trading risks passively. As a result, MyCointainer is one of the best, if not the best, choices for crypto traders to passively earn income or grow their digital assets with little danger.

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