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MyCointainer to List CREDIT Before the Swap

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MyCointainer is set to list TerraCredit’s native token, CREDIT, right before the swap to CREDIT 2.0 is completed. 

Bitforex and Catex are the latest to list CREDIT, with the pair available for trading as CREDIT/USDT. At the time of writing, CREDIT has a trading volume of $40,970 and a market cap of $325,225 with a maximum supply of over 70 billion coins.

TerraCredit has its main target on helping the world’s unbanked population by providing a payment solution besides cash. Currently, its wallet facilitates exchange with BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDT: ERC20, to mention but a few.

Focusing on Global Mass Adoption of CREDIT

TerraCredit realizes mobile usage efficiency with a higher percentage of device users worldwide, depending on smartphone communications. It came up with Terrabit, a mobile application to enable staking and exchange wherever you go.

To achieve their long-term goals of adoption, TerraCredit focuses on specific sectors of CREDIT usage. First,

  • CREDIT as a payment alternative for the world’s unbanked: According to their research, nearly 50% of the population in developing countries lack bank accounts. However, with phones, CREDIT brings an alternative for payment to these people.
  • CREDIT as a cryptocurrency: CREDIT meets all the requirements to be a legitimate cryptocurrency. However, it contains improvements as a Proof of Stake coin with no demand for hash power. It also provides nearly free transactions at faster transaction rates. The open-source code allows users to utilize it on other platforms besides Terra.
  • CREDIT as a Cash Alternative: Terrabit wallet facilitates immediate digital payments globally. Online payment solutions to incorporate include Point of Sale, tap and pay, and QR scanning. Terra keeps in mind the need for security and value during the buying of goods and services – CREDIT offers that.
  • CREDIT as a Driver for Long-term Investments: CREDIT aims to provide users with a viable investment on an online wallet. By holding coins on the network, the system automatically stakes them for you while you earn rewards in turn. Airdrops are other aspects of the system that provide an alternative form of earning. It further holds simplicity as a trait to handle the needs of every kind of stakeholder.
  • CREDIT as a Reward for Block Producers: Proof of Stake algorithms rewards block producers without expensive equipment or high computational power. Supporting the blockchain pushes decentralization, further ensuring everyone benefits while using the system.

A listing on MyCointainer would get it a step closer to worldwide popularity as users will get a chance to interact with over 65 Proof of Stake coins on the network. Besides the Terra community, users would further interact with a highly rewarding community on MyCointainer, favoring their contributions. Overall, a maximization of earnings is inevitable.

About TerraCredit

It is a project launched by the South African Terra Foundation. Since 2018, the decentralized and open-source Proof of Stake system has been on a mission to inject cryptocurrency use into everyone’s lives, hence extensive adoption. CREDIT coin is usable both digitally and physically for payments across the globe. The significant use of TerraCredit is in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Colombia.

Lack of masternodes in the system prevents susceptibility by the use of the architecture. Additionally, TerraCredit can handle thousands to millions of transactions per minute, making it a reliable form of prompt payments.

About MyCointainer

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MyCointainer is one of the best Staking as a Service platform, embracing both novice and professional traders. Its objectives are to eliminate shortcomings that come with PoS algorithms, provide an easy to use, secure, and exchange network for fiat and crypto users. Furthermore, it is an excellent tracking option for the crypto portfolio and offers over 65 coins to stake on. Overall, the network is supported by PoS protocols and masternodes. 

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