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Mystic Poker Review – A P2E Poker Room with BNB Rewards

Mystic Poker is an interactive poker room running on BNB Chain. Its goal is to merge traditional poker models with the crypto world, thus increasing the players’ chances of success.

The recent developments in NFTs and blockchain technology have helped the gaming sector surge like never before. However, most projects in this field focus on new, play-to-earn games in flashy virtual worlds. Almost none chose to bring some of the oldest and most popular games worldwide, like poker, onto the blockchain. Mystic Poker aims to change all that and provide fantastic value to poker players and casual purchasers.

This Mystic Poker review looks closely at one of the latest online poker games to surface on the blockchain. Read on to discover its approach to NFTs, features, and roadmap!

What is Mystic Poker?

Mystic Poker is a decentralized open-source, anonymous peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-based platform. It differs from traditional online poker applications by cutting out the middleman. This way, it can provide users with greater chances of success and enhanced security.

Mystic Poker users benefit from games at competitive rates, high-value bonuses, and special promotions. Furthermore, it comes with a unique and innovative NFT poker concept that should take the poker industry to another level.

The project has its proprietary token, Mystic Poker ($MYP), a privacy-focused currency aiming to provide viable means of trading value. Additionally, it comes with minimal transaction fees and transferability features. The developers want to adjust game limits and peg it to the EURO once the token becomes more valuable.

How Mystic Poker Works

Mystic Poker will operate on the BNB Chain and be available worldwide. The game will benefit from a higher processing speed than traditional online poker games, thanks to blockchain technology. As a result, players can instantly add or withdraw funds from their accounts.

The MYP token will be available for purchase and trades via some of the most reputable third-party crypto exchanges. People can buy it from previously permitted jurisdictions. However, they can only use it on the Mystic Poker platform. To play on their web platform, you only need a stable Internet connection and a computer or a smartphone.

The permitted jurisdictions include:

  • Jurisdictions where Online Poker is legal as a game of skill.
  • Places where a legitimate authority has licensed Online Poker.
  • Jurisdictions where the laws do not govern Online Poker.

Mystic Poker will combine Binance smart contracts with its own system to create the next generation of poker games. Smart contracts enable two anonymous entities to engage in business securely without the need for a third party. And this is precisely what Mystic Poker wants from its platform, a safe poker game with fundamental criteria, such as:

Transparency and Fairness

The poker game relies on the blockchain to verify the gameplay is accurate and equally fair to all players.

Fast and Affordable

Gamers will enjoy zero latency between pressing any UI button and witnessing the result. Furthermore, the game should help them avoid the expensive costs of blockchain transactions and data storage. 

Additionally, the game promises:

  • Independence from big corporation control
  • A high standard of privacy
  • Fair distribution of winnings

Lastly, Mystic Poker players will have complete visibility of every action on the network. This means that they can see gameplay evolutions and players and the randomness of card distribution.

Mystic Poker Dividends

Mystic Poker is developing a revolutionary system using a pay token pattern of dividends. As part of this system, the platform would automatically distribute the due amounts to each holder.

Mystic Poker will deduct a 6% buy and 12% fee of every transaction, which it will distribute as follows: 

  • 1% from Buying and 2% from selling will go to marketing.
  • 2.5% from Buying and 5% from selling will go for purchasing BNB, which the platform will automatically pay in dividends to holders
  • 1% from Buying and Selling will go to the locked liquidity pool.
  • 0.5% from Buying and Selling for development
  • 1% from Buying and Selling will burn

Users can purchase 20,000 MYP tokens, the minimum amount necessary to participate in the passive income system. Also, they have to hold onto these tokens, which would equate to nearly $50, to remain in the distribution scheme.

Mystic Poker NFTs

Mystic Poker is working with a talented team of artists to develop 52 NFTs. These digital assets would give players access to the platform’s P2E game. Each deck will showcase all of the 52 NFT with 12 Mystic figures that get their inspiration from historical and mystical characters. They will be able to leave the NFT in staking and recover 40% of the value before the tournament. Also, they will be able to view prizes and tournament information on the Mystic Poker website.

Those who acquire these NFT cards can later sell or rent them on the Mystic Poker marketplace. Besides their unique designs, the cards will provide owners with lower rates during games. Furthermore, they will be available in four tiers, diamond, gold, silver, and bronze.

Mystic Poker Tokenomics

  • Coin Name: Mystic Poker (MYP)
  • Token Type: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Network: BNB Chain


  • 23% towards Wallet game rewards
  • 7% towards the investors’ wallets
  • 4% towards the developers’ wallets
  • 3% towards the marketing wallet
  • 1% towards the team’s wallet
  • 24% towards the liquidity pool
  • 38% available for the pre-sale

Mystic Poker Roadmap

Mystic Poker launched in the third quarter of 2021. The project focused on development and smart contract evolution for the rest of its first year. Additionally, it created the MYP Litepaper and launched its website before building a media social presence.

In the first quarter of 2022, the Mystic Poker team hosted a pre-sale and launched the MYP token on PancakeSwap. Furthermore, it established new strategic partnerships with other industry members.

Soon, Mystic Poker should reach the following milestones in its extensive roadmap:

  • Launch the NFT platform.
  • Release the first NFT card decks.
  • Launch the staking platform.
  • Obtain a successful platform audit.
  • Develop and launch an online store.
  • Release the 1st version of the Mystic Poker game.
  • Obtain listings on top-tier exchanges.
  • Launch the 2nd version of the game.
  • Obtain listings on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko.
  • Launch pre-announced and weekly tournaments
  • Develop a mobile version of the game and release it on Android and iOS as beta versions.

Final Thoughts

Mystic Poker is a refreshing project that combines the security and speed of blockchain technology with online poker gaming. Furthermore, it promises a fair distribution of winnings and rewards. Players can enjoy a new level of privacy, transparency, and independence, all while playing an affordable game of poker.

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You can find out more about Mystic Poker on their website and social media handles: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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