New Research Predicts $542.52M Global Crypto ATM Market Value by 2027

The global crypto ATM market value is at $ 18.35 million in 2019, and it has a projection to reach $ 542.52 million by 2027, a CAGR of 52.7% over the forecast period.

A research expert on cryptocurrency ATMs revealed a new analysis of the 2019-2027 situation, based on in-depth analysis with industry experts’ involvement and the best suppliers in the business.

The Cryptocurrency ATM Market Report analyzes stakeholder opportunities across Cryptocurrency ATMs and identifies high-growth segments. 

The Analysis Details

The analytical report investigates the growth rate of the cryptocurrency production process up to 2027. The main factors leading to it are the sales, revenue, and price analysis of the leading top manufacturers, distributors, traders, and dealers in the cryptocurrency ATM market. The study also mentions the full company profile.

In recent years, the technology industry has gone through great uncertainty due to several significant trends. However, there are some signs of industry growth, such as higher jobs and higher incomes. While demand is the primary driver, several other factors also play a role. These factors not only create specific trends that take precedence but also accelerate and become more binding.

This report’s critical assessment provides vital details for regional development and specific countries to identify the most viable growth centers worldwide. Based on this necessary information, both leading players and applicants can develop and implement robust growth business solutions.

The report also provides the necessary details regarding DROT assessment, cost efficiency, and future development coverage in the global Cryptocurrency ATM Market.

Growth of the ATM Market

The United States records the fastest growth in crypto ATMs. The number increased from 4,213 ATMs in 2019 to 9242 ATMs in 2020, rising more than 50%. The United States currently accounts for about 79.2% of the total number of crypto ATMs globally.

Some of the main factors driving the market growth are fluctuations in currency regulations, increased money transfers in emerging markets, and an increase in crypto ATM installations. Strict government regulations prohibiting the use of cryptocurrencies in various countries are a limiting factor for market growth.

Some of the Crypto ATM market’s key players are General Bytes S.RO., Covault, Mainstreet Automaten GmbH (Orderbob), Bitaccess Inc Genesis Coin, Coinme, RusBit Ltd., Bitxatm, Coinsource, and Lamassu.

Ripple’s leading partner, SBI Holdings, announced that its subsidiary SBI Remit has teamed up with Japan’s central Lawson Bank. It will enable customers to instantly use the bank’s ATM network (consisting of 13,400 ATMs) to transfer between Japan and Japan to other countries. The ATM market is just but growing.

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