NFL Player Odell Beckham JR. Will Take A 100% Bitcoin Salary

Yet another sports star has become deeply and publicly invested in the crypto game. Odell Beckham Jr. – wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams – recently announced that he’ll be accepting his entire salary in Bitcoin. With this, he joins a host of athletes, organizations, and even mayors accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment.

Beckham Goes Big On Bitcoin

The athlete confirmed his new Bitcoin salary in a video statement on Twitter earlier today.

“It’s the start of a new era, and I’m looking forward to the future,” said the athlete. “That’s why I’m taking my new salary in Bitcoin, thanks to CashApp.”

CashApp is a payment app developed by Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey’s financial services company, Square. It allows users to easily purchase the cryptocurrency, as well as transact in it. Recently, Square also announced that they are working on a global Bitcoin mining system accessible to regular people.

Beckham won’t only be using the app to receive Bitcoin, but to distribute it too. He said he’d be distributing $1 million in Bitcoin to his over 4 million followers. They only need to follow and leave a $cashtag attached.

The wide receiver formerly played for the Cleveland Browns, before reaching the Rams earlier this month. His new team has agreed to pay him $4.25 million for this year alone. Given the recent dip in the crypto market, that salary would equal over 75 Bitcoin at current prices.

He’s not just invested in Bitcoin either. The athlete also owns a crypto punk, which he uses as his Twitter profile picture.

Plaschke: Rams adding Odell Beckham Jr. is a bad idea - Los Angeles Times
Odell Beckham Jr. Source: LA Times

Who Else Is Receiving Payments In Bitcoin?

Athletes have shown a remarkable fondness for the cryptocurrency space. Not only are they leveraging the power of NFTs, but many besides Beckham are keen on being paid in Bitcoin. Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced that he would take part of his salary in Bitcoin just weeks ago. Even Tom Brady showed interest in the idea this September, saying he’d “love to ask” to receive payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana.

Most recently, Perth Heat – a top Australian baseball club – decided to fully adopt a Bitcoin standard. They agreed to make Bitcoin their default method of payment for compensating all athletes.

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Of course, the trend is extending beyond sports, and even into the political realm. Mayors across the US have begun accepting both paychecks and entire salaries in Bitcoin.

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