Nvidia Uncertain on GPU Production for Crypto-miners Amid Demand Growth

Following the rumors on Nvidia looking to produce graphic cards for cryptocurrency miners, the company said it is not convinced to do so. It spells doom for the massive hysteria for crypto-miners who continue to anticipate an Nvidia graphic card exclusive to mining cryptocurrency.

Nvidia’s CFO, Colette Kress, said the demand from Gamers currently looks more than they can handle. She added that Nvidia could make GPU supplies for crypto-miners theoretically. She continued to say if the miners’ market stirs up to a significant amount, Nvidia will capitalize on the opportunity to meet the demand.

Nvidia Prioritizes Gamers over Miners

Kress, who was at a JP Morgan conference disputing the rumor, said the last time miners collected graphic cards was a forgettable spell for gamers. Cryptocurrency miners collected several graphic cards from stores, which resulted in price inflation. 

Kress said the effect was somewhat unfair to many consumers who needed the graphics cards solely for gaming. “Their insatiable demand emptied store shelves and drove up prices, to the despair of regular folks who just wanted to play PC games.” She said.

The CFO stressed the importance of monitoring where the Nvidia Cards are getting bought and who has them. She further explained how Nvidia could control the supply chain, as they are taking their production capacity up a notch. 

One game enthusiast on Tom’s Hardware forum said that if Nvidia decided to produce graphic cards for miners, it might not affect gamers as perceived. He gave his opinion saying crypto-mining does not necessarily need cards that can encode videos. He termed the type of graphic cards used in mining as ‘headless’ because they aren’t sending information to display nodes.

The game enthusiast, who’s name is Anton Shilov, says cryptocurrency miners do not mind if the cards come with defects. Anton noted that defective products with shortcomings such as disabled texture mapping should not get disposed of, but miners should have them. 

Demand for Gamers vs. Cryptocurrency Miners

Kress shed light on how the demand for GeForce RTX 30-series by gamers has increased. However, she continued to say that the need for mining graphic cards is on the low. “We don’t have visibility on how much of the GeForce RTX 30-series end demand comes from mining,” she added.

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Nvidia graphic cards’ demand has always been on a high, so it probably means the miner’s market does not affect the need for more cards in any way. Nvidia doesn’t produce the cards for cryptocurrency mining purposes, which means they haven’t used the mining cards within its facility. 

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