OKEx Giveaway Campaign Featuring Crypto Adventure

OKEx always has exciting giveaways for its customers as an extra way of claiming more cryptos. The platform is holding another giveaway in collaboration with Crypto Adventure, where you can trade and earn yourself a 10 USDT airdrop. The promotions will begin on 10:00 10th August to 24:00 29th August 2020 (UTC).

Recently, OKEx achieved 200,000 followers on Twitter, and it did not fail to appreciate the love of the OKEx community. Users have a chance to win limited edition NFT tokens and share $1000 on a promotion ending on August 11. These are just but a few of the juicy rewards you can get on the platform now, but most importantly, how do you gain from the upcoming giveaway campaign?

Steps to Claiming your Airdrop

The process of attaining your airdrop is quite easy. Below are the few conditions you should follow for a successful process.

  1. As a user, you have to sign up on the OKEx platform using this link.
  2. You have to trade a minimum volume of $100 on the platform to be eligible.
  3. Hurry and be among the first 50 qualified participants to get your 10 USDT airdrops.
  4. OKEx will issue the rewards within 7 working days since the airdrop event.
  5. Avoid any cheating behavior during the event, as you will lose any rewards from the campaign. That includes malicious registration, trading, and multi-accounting.

Other Exciting Offers for You 

OKEx has been working on opening a peer-to-peer platform for trading in India. It has been entertaining users through its #OKExP2PIndia Welcome Quest days updated daily on Twitter. The forum has been running from August 5 and will go ahead until August 15.

Participants can grab up to a $30,000 USDT prize pool by completing set tasks for a greater reward. Some of them include signing up and trade, sharing your referral links on Twitter and Facebook, and answering daily quizzes. The points you get during the whole promotion determines what part of the price pool you get. You can find more information on the program here.

OKEx will announce the dates for the OKEx Jumpstart 15th project ATTN token sale. It saw postponement from July 29 for the sake of its users. In other news, the Elite team trading contest is set to begin on August 10, so stay tuned for these exciting events.

About OKEx

OKEx is a leading crypto exchange platform allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. The platform further implements a swap feature, bringing direct exchange of different cryptocurrencies within your wallet. It hosts over 250 cryptocurrencies, which are storable in the OKEx wallet.

Security has been a major priority for OKEx, following increased traffic and trading volumes every day. Besides the general security features, the network has additional security protocols, such as mobile verification codes and email anti-phishing codes, to avoid swindles and cyber-attacks. OKEx has amazing offers for its users, including frequent giveaways, zero deposit fees, bonuses for beginners, and discounts on trading fees.

About Crypto Adventure

Many new investors have a difficult time trying to understand everything to do with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Varieties of them end up losing their investments since they cannot navigate their way through the network. Crypto Adventure is a platform that seeks to bridge this gap. It provides newbies with detailed information on cryptocurrencies and comprehensive concepts that guide them through their crypto knowledge endeavors.

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While it does not provide advice on where to invest, the crypto adventure team works tirelessly to provide in-depth knowledge to new users without any charges. The network also works with other upcoming projects, assisting them with editorial services like writing impressive articles through their crypto experts, based on the user’s white paper and website, promoting brand awareness. Thereafter, the articles are distributed throughout their social handles to reach a wider audience.

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