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Olympian INU – A New Arbitrum-Based Platform to Collect, Trade, and Stake NFTs

Olympian INU plans to allow web3 artists to access a platform to create and share art with collectors worldwide. Through its tokenomics, dynamic events, and roadmap for growth, Olympian INU aims to offer an exciting opportunity for creators and enthusiasts alike.

In today’s review, let us look at the project’s features more closely.

What Is Olympian INU?

Olympian INU seeks to bring web3 artists to Arbitrum, creating a thriving NFT market for collectors and artists alike. By burning $OPI tokens and enjoying exclusive NFTs, Olympian INU strives to make acquiring digital art easier and more accessible.

This team’s mission is to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and highly curated platform while supporting and empowering artists worldwide. By forming connections with web3 native artists, Olympian INU also plans to commission unique art for its holders.

The Project’s Tokenomics

After a V1 launch, the project revamped its tokenomics for a V2 phase on the market. The new tokenomics feature the same total of 100 million $OPI tokens, with the elimination of all transaction taxes.

In terms of token allocation, here is the team’s strategy:

  • 40% of the tokens allocated for Liquidity Providers (LP)
  • 30% of the tokens allocated for a V1 Airdrop
  • 20% of the tokens allocated as staking rewards
  • 5% of the tokens allocated to partnerships
  • 5% of the tokens allocated to team members.

This distribution aims at creating a fair and balanced division of the project’s tokens to maintain high liquidity. The strategy also intends to reward early adopters and contributors and ensure long-term sustainability.

Anyone wishing to buy $OPI tokens can do so through a Metamask wallet on a computer or mobile device. Once the wallet is ready, transfer ETH into your Metamask wallet to interact with the system. 

In order to buy $OPI tokens, click the ‘buy’ link at the top of the page. Connect your wallet with Uniswap, press ‘Select Token,’ and enter the token address in the FAQ section. Finally, click ‘buy $OPI’ to purchase.

How Does Olympian INU Work?

Olympian INU offers a new project that allows users to showcase their creativity and earn rewards. Through four simple steps, users can participate in this innovative platform:

  1. Buy: Users can follow the instructions to purchase $OPI tokens.
  2. Mint: These tokens let anyone obtain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The team expects to release a new art piece each week for users to claim with their $OPI tokens.
  3. Stake: Users can stake their digital artworks through the popular NFT staking mechanism.
  4. Rewards: After staking the NFTs, users can earn $OPI tokens as a reward for their participation.

This project is working to provide an experience that allows everyone to show creativity and earn rewards simultaneously. These steps sum up the easy-to-use philosophy that Olympian INU intends to propose.

A Look at the Project’s Roadmap

The $OPI project has seen significant progress throughout its development. The team has completed two phases of development and is now working on a third. Phase one saw their token’s launch and listing applications for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. 

Additionally, marketing campaigns enabled the team to grow their community, with several events held for $OPI holders.

Phase featured a Lottery App, NFT whitelist marketplace, staking utilities, and updates to tokenomics. The third phase includes CEX listings, on-chain governance, $OPI merchandise, initiating a digital cult, and releasing a “Pray2Earn” Dapp.

The team’s evolution ambitions will keep the project progressing, with further updates coming soon. $OPI holders should stay tuned for more exciting developments in the project’s future.

Art Contests and Burning Events

At the end of 2022, the team launched an art contest through Twitter to engage with its growing community.

The selection criteria were strict and considered different coloring, texture, consistency, and composition skills. Although the drawing style was not decisive in judgment, rewards were high for participating in this event.

In addition to this art contest, back in 2022, the team held a “Meme Contest” with similarly generous rewards. These events intend to keep the community engaged and inspired.

Moreover, through its Twitter page, the team has recently asked its community whether it was ready to burn tokens. This indicates that further initiatives may be in store as the project approaches its Arbitrum re-launch.

Final Thoughts

The Olympian INU project has come a long way since its launch in 2022. With an ambitious roadmap, this team intends to innovate and progress significantly over time.

Art contests, burning events, staking, and more, represent different ways to appeal to the web3 art community. These initiatives indicate that Olympian INU looks forward to becoming a new player in web3 culture by uniting artists worldwide.

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The project’s website is a valuable source of information for anyone interested. You can follow the team on social media to learn more about $OPI or stay up-to-date with their latest developments: Telegram | Twitter

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