OnePlus Might be Looking Into Crypto, Shows New Survey

For some time now, OnePlus has been trending ahead of its new Nord smartphone launch. The company has recently expressed interest in venturing into crypto through a recent survey conducted regarding blockchain research.

The Survey Details

The China company ran a survey to receive input on what their customers had to say about cryptocurrencies. Titled ‘OnePlus Block Blockchain Research,’ they questioned the use of platforms like Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, and Robinhood. 

Just from the name of the survey, it is clear that the company is seriously contemplating cryptocurrencies by way of a new wallet. OnePlus could have chosen to associate itself with the growing cryptocurrency community, creating a new wave of excitement for investors worldwide.

The survey, a standard Google form, focused exclusively on getting input on blockchain technology and questions that may be extremely useful as a wallet to save digital currencies or assets made accessible to participants’ hints of a OnePlus cryptocurrency platform. The inquiry comprises questions on understanding respondents’ challenges and inconveniences and questions whether they have been using any “software hot wallets” like Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask to invest or hold bitcoin.

It could suggest that the technology giant will initiate a new crypto exchange. However, if OnePlus decides to provide its consumers a crypto service, a simple crypto wallet is likely to maintain cryptocurrency and not trade with them.

The survey also requested the interest of users in non-fungible tokens or NFTs.OnePlus might also be exploring something related to NFTs.

Making Major Moves Into Crypto

OnePlus’ significant move into cryptocurrency could be a first for a mainstream smartphone brand. This move marks the first where a major company dealing in smartphones was interested directly in a wallet offering.

Since the Galaxy S10’s launch in February 2019, OnePlus, a rival and one of the leading smartphone companies, Samsung has supported Bitcoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies. The South Korean startup provides support to the popular currencies with its Blockchain wallet. It also updated the wallet recently with the backing of hardware wallets from third parties.

Several days ago, Apple was also interested in entering the realm of cryptocurrencies. The Cupertino-based corporation opened the doors to an experienced business development manager. The support of Bitcoin transactions could start natively with Apple devices.

However, despite new announcements, many traditional investors are not ready to invest in cryptocurrencies. It is interesting that the blockchain-backed currencies decentralized their operations and that conventional banks have little say in the market shapes. Stock investors also don’t sympathize with the volatility of cryptocurrencies; they assert that crypto has a domino effect that will fall at some moment.

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The three technology companies could be competing to provide their users with the most refined Bitcoin wallet. OnePlus, like Samsung and Apple, may take time and demonstrate a robust crypto-marketing technique. Companies have for now expressed interest in the sector but have not wholly entered the scene.

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