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Opera Browser Integrates Solana, Polygon and Others for Users

Following the integration of some major blockchain ecosystems, active Opera users will now benefit from blockchain services and decentralized apps (dApps).

Opera revealed earlier today that its Web3 browser will now support eight blockchain ecosystems. Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, and Bitcoin are among these ecosystems, as are IXO, Ronin, Nervos, and Celo. This innovation will also provide its consumers with easy access to blockchains and decentralized app solutions.

The company touts Opera Crypto Browser as the world’s first Web3 browser, with added privacy and security capabilities. Opera is hardly a newcomer to the Web3 space, having released its Web3 browser in 2018. Opera’s approach will keep them ahead of their competitors and give them a stronger foothold in the Web3 sector.

Polygon and StarkEx, two prominent Ethereum layer-2 ecosystems, will also be available with the launch. Similarly, Axie owners will be able to care for their digital pets by using Ronin. Since the release of its Web3 browser, Opera has sought to form alliances with the top blockchains and Web3 domain name providers in order to effortlessly transition millions of users to Web3.

Opera & Solana

Solana rose to popularity in 2021, with more than a 17,000% price increase. The growing blockchain boasts of speed and reduced transaction fees. These are features Opera has taken into consideration before integrating the blockchain.

The company first announced last December that it was collaborating with Solana Labs. According to its announcement, users could profit from the blockchain’s interaction with Opera in novel ways. Opera Web3 browser will offer users access to DEXs, NFT marketplaces, and music streaming apps on the Solana ecosystem.

Although Opera is working with the Solana ecosystem to integrate the Opera Wallet, for the time being, users will have to join through the Phantom wallet.

Opera & Polygon

Opera could have an advantage over its competitors, thanks to Polygon’s rapid TPS, scalability, low transaction price, and broad adoption. The blog release notes that these features could help Polygon spare the browser’s blushes. This is while retaining the strength of Ethereum’s blockchain. The partnership with Polygon should introduce users to the larger Ethereum ecosystem, which includes over 7,000 dApps. Ethereum’s dApps also include powerhouses like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

Opera Partnerships

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Earlier this month, Opera announced a collaboration with the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) to integrate the FIO Protocol into their flagship Android Browser. This partnership facilitated the transfer of digital assets between Opera wallets and FIO handles.

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