Opera Partners With Solana To Bring Its Web 3.0. Network to Mobile

Web 3.0 is coming. More and more users demand web access on their terms without relying on substantial centralized services. However, the promise of a private, decentralized internet won’t come to be without secure browsers that fit well with blockchain.

The promise, however, might come one step closer to reality after a new partnership between Opera and Solana. Opera, a browser focused on privacy and crypto, is partnering with Solana Labs to integrate the Solana blockchain network in its browser. The goal is to let users access Solana’s decentralized apps (DApps) directly in their browser.

Opera joins forces with Solana! The integration will enable Opera Android users to enjoy seamless access to Solana DApps alongside low-fees and fast transactions within the ecosystem. You’ll be able to access it through Opera in Q1 2022.

The crypto browser stated that it wants to integrate faster blockchains with lower transaction fees. This is due to demand from a growing number of developers and users switching to these platforms.

Opera stated that Solana’s blockchain has the advantage of great speed and low transaction fees. Fees on Solana cost are as low as $0.00025, allowing users to scale their projects. In addition, they called Solana the “most performant” blockchain, which gives developers long-term confidence in rising. At the same time, it does not compromise security.

These advantages could help attract more people to Web 3.0. In particular, compared to Ethereum’s high gas fees, Solana offers a lower barrier to entry for new users. It also allows smaller DApp developers to begin operations without much capital.

Onboarding Billion People To Crypto

The integration between Solana and Opera will start on mobile. Specifically on the Opera app for Android. Austin Federal of Solana Labs shared his excitement about the collaboration. In particular, he emphasized the importance of mobile integration.

The path to 1 billion users can’t be built by just two or three platforms. This integration will give tens of millions of new users even more choices of how to connect to Solana, and work to keep the dream of the open web alive and well. The mobile web3 revolution has barely just begun, and Opera is helping lead the way.

Solana has the goal of onboarding one billion people to crypto. That’s a goal we share. No other browser company has been at the forefront of web3 as early on as Opera. We are thrilled to be collaborating moving forward.

Opera states that its mission is to make Web 3.0. more accessible to new users. Its’ first feat was to pioneer the use of Web 3.0. directly through the browser. Opera was the first browser with Web 3.0 support. It has since launched a mobile browser app and its native crypto wallet.

Solana and Brave Browser

The partnership comes just a month after a similar statement from Brave, the largest crypto browser. Brave uses its blockchain and its native BAT (basic attention token) crypto.

The largest crypto browser partnered with Solana to integrate its blockchain system. Brave also said that the browser would soon default to Solana for cross-chain and native DApps.

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Brave cited low transaction fees and low barriers to entry for new users as a reason for partnering with Solana. They also noted that Solana had seen the fastest growth among all blockchain ecosystems. They revealed that both users and developers asked for the integration.

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