P2E Axie Infinity Cancels SLP Rewards On Classic Game Mode

Axie Infinity (AXS) has announced that its play-to-earn (P2E) platform will no longer offer token rewards on its classic game mode. The development team hopes its decision will help nudge users to its new game mode. Players will now have to use the newly launched Origin update to earn the game’s native currency, Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

AXS to Balance SLP Economy

Origin is the latest expansion in the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem also known as Axie Battles v3. The upgrade is split into 4 phases. Canceling SLP rewards on Classic is just part of the transition to phase 3. This means that starting from August 12th, players will not be able to mint SLP on the older v2. 

The AXS team highlighted a few benefits of the transition from Classic to Origin One of the emphasized new perks is an improved balance within the SLP economy. Reportedly, Origin’s reward system is seeing adjustments to its structure to achieve the aforementioned balance.

One major difference is that players on v3 will have to use Smooth Love Potions to create various NFT Charms and Runes. Through this, the AXS team hopes to award SLP tokens with greater utility. Additionally, Axie Infinity is cutting down the mint system for SLP from two weeks to one.

Stability to $SLP Token

Notably, certain older features will remain the same. For example; gamers can earn tokens by winning battles in PvP Ranked mode, just like in Classic. Also, as per usual, the higher the rank the players are competing on, the greater their SLP rewards per battle.

According to the release, the platform will not allow minting for the next month. The team aims to use the time to review the system to spot any bugs, abuse, or exploits. With Smooth Love Potion taking a hit from the ongoing crypto winter, efforts to balance the economy are timely.

Axie Infinity live price
Axie Infinity
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Interestingly, this isn’t the platform’s first move to provide some stability. In February this year, Axie Infinity cut SLP rewards from its adventure mini-game and daily quests reward. Regardless of the team’s decision, SLP has struggled since February. Smooth Love Potion is down 98.7% from its July 2021 record high of $0.39 as it currently trades at $0.005290.

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