update 27 October 2021

Parabolic Movement of BTC Daily Charts Between $9,000 and $10,000

Generally, the current BTC/USD price pair significantly shattered powerful resistance that was closely ranged between $7,500 and $8,000. Following Bitcoin’s immense upsurge, the price rise expectations are anticipated through amounts ranging from $9,100 to an even $10,000 this year. Also, following major upside moves of the BTC value complemented the critical assurance over the $7,500 hurdle, and also daily chart reports on BTC/USD also showed various significant breaks that were bullish. 

BTCUSD Daily Charts

Based on the daily charts of the BTC/USD pair observed, an illustration of a significant formation concerning remarkable back-ups that follow the last beginnings of the recent rally shows a substantial hurdle close to $6,500. The charts also illustrated the price decline in the BTC value represented by a hurdle close to $7,630, resulting in a surge over the $8,000 hurdle and the imminent establishment of levels over 100- day SMA. Regardless, the current price shows actions of bullish breaks that are significantly over the trend line, with hurdles that reach up to $8,500, to the 100- day SMA buyer alignment following the immediate rally. 

Also, the current key hurdles are considerably enclosed between the $9,000 to $9,100 value. Concerning the upsurge experienced from the charts’ illustration raises price expectations, reaching close to the $10,000 zone. Further anticipations are expected concerning the short term downward retracements encountered in the BTC price. If the retracement event occurs, it allows for close hurdle supports of about $8,300. The primary support presented is close to $8,000 and can also be considered the 100- day SMA representing recent breakouts. Co-responding declines in the initial prices anticipate support approximated at the $7,500 zone. 

BTC Retracement 

Bitcoin live price
price change

Following recent reports on the Bitcoin surge retracement, the BTC/USD pair price recognized an upside movement recorded at 5% above the illustrated hurdles of $7,700 all through $7,800, also showing anticipated declines in the hurdle support zones that approximate below $8,000. The previous days also established expectations that target the price rise, expected to reach $7,800 all through $8,000. However, it was correct, and the expectations assumed to be factual were confirmed as the prices went zones well above the $7,800 hurdle. It also implied that the value was close to the $7,700 pivot level considered the 100 hourly simple moving average.