Paradox NFT – An NFT-based Project Running on Multiple Chains

Following the enormous success of NFTs in 2021, 2022 appears to be a continuation of this trend. For this reason, it is not surprising to see new projects wishing to enter the sector, and Paradox NFT is a new initiative belonging to this group.

Our short review will provide more information about Paradox NFT and its marketplace. The overview will keep a neutral point of view, leaving the readers useful information to evaluate the project.

Paradox NFT – An Introduction to the Project

Using Paradox NFT, users can post products for sale or purchase them; they can even bid on auctions. Users in this virtual will have access to all forms of NFT in the future when the Paradox team interconnects systems. 

Live art installations will be provided by Paradox partners such as the Birmingham Contemporary art Gallery and by some of the project’s team members. Customer payment choices will be diverse including credit card and multiple crypto currency options. In order to participate, projects can create their own custom landing page on the marketplace’s website. 

Paradox NFT also aims to solve some of the issues in regards to file size allowances to provide a platform for the film industry.

Furthermore, the founders explained how they currently have several artists and projects under their wing. We have highlighted the essential information on the Paradox NFT initiative in the following subsections. 

The Team

The project has disclosed several pieces of information about its team, and we now know that Leo Bailey is the person standing behind the origin of this initiative. Bailey had the knowledge required to launch a project in the blockchain sector and decided to bring on board an award-winning SEO, security, and e-commerce expert: Tank Shake.

The cooperation between two persons with different working backgrounds is at the origin of the current Paradox NFT ecosystem. The team designed the Paradox NFT coin, which is the cryptocurrency that will power the whole project (we’ll provide more details in the dedicated section).

The team has grown over time, and its founders explain how they selected several well-known professionals in the industry that includes Ari Last (VP of Simplex), David Spencer (Harvard grad and owner of DKS TAX), Sam Grant (Former CMO of Samsung and Coca Cola), Junaid Muran (Owner of Robust Films digit art) 

The Partnerships 

Any crypto project is aware of the importance of signing strategic partnerships in this sector, and Paradox NFT is no exception. Among the partners disclosed by the team, let us mention a few of them below:

  • PadSwap: PadSwap is a novel decentralized exchange wishing to distinguish itself from its competitors in the spirit of the phenomenally successful swap exchanges. In order to prevent scams on the BNB Chain, PadSwap assesses all projects participating in its LaunchPAD program. The portal also incorporates Decentralized Perpetual Liquidity Protocol Farms, aiming to build an un-ruggable system for the Paradox NFT BSC token PXBSC.
  • CERTIK: The industry leader in blockchain auditing was used for the original PX contract that carries over into multiple PX network tokens
  • SPADE AUDITS: Seen as an underground white hat powerhouse auditing group that lent their experience to help develop a truly unique liquidity distribution and true deflationary burn function for the PX tokens
  • ROBUST FILMS: Led by award-winning design legend and paradox NFT development team member Junaid Muran. Bringing his 20 years of design experience and masterful understanding of UNREAL ENGINE
  • Free Smoke NFT: Seeking to be the gold standard in lifestyle, event, and travel NFT, Free Smoke NFT brings serious progression to the utility sector of the NFT space with their club and access pass NFTs.
  • APEX ISLANDS NFT: A revolutionary NFT project that has partnered with Alphaverse to bring forth a unique community-led metaverse development program
  • The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery: As a live event partner for NFT shows with global reach to art venues, BCAG provides the ability of global reach to hold live NFT events. The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery is the newest art gallery to grace Birmingham’s arts community. Situated in a tranquil and well sought after location on the Arena Birmingham complex and with 1600 square feet of space overlooking the picturesque Brindley Place canal, the gallery is ideal for encouraging a diverse approach to creativity and other innovative ideas. 

What about Privacy and Security for Traders?

Is an NFT Marketplace genuinely secure and private if it doesn’t have the most up-to-date security measures? The Paradox NFT team promises it will be using its own custom-built analytics system rather than relying on Google Analytics. Third-party tools typically share and sell users’ information to their clients, which is why the Paradox NFT founders wish to avoid using this strategy. 

“No one below the executive level will have access to this system,” explained the team. A certified data cleaning professional will subsequently correctly dispose of any viewed data. 

The website’s basic overall stats and any recent disposal certificates will be included in the transparency reports released by paradox NFT. 

The team also relies on advanced firewalls and secured connections to protect the project’s servers and prevent disruptive DDoS attacks and other malicious operations.

On the financial side DKS Tax will be ensuring SEC compliance on the company’s behalf to meet federal regulations.

The Paradox NFT Coins ($PXBSC and $PXETH)

First introduced on the BNB Chain on August 16th, 2021, PX tokens are deflationary cryptocurrencies with a fixed supply. The team promises that artists and talented persons will benefit from PX tokens to transform the NFT world by creating an exchange that supports a wide range of media. 

In spite of its deflationary nature, $PXBSC and $PXETH are low-tax tokens with a 2 percent tax rate on purchases, sales, and transfers. A unique Paradox NFT coin identification will be assigned to each new network in the ecosystem.

We can sum up the tokenomics of the project with the subdivision of the 2% fee mentioned above:

  • Half of the tax (i.e., 1%) will help the team fund its development operations, with the remainder going to charitable operations and donations.
  • The deflationary system will rely on the transfer of a part of the tax (0.5%) to a burn wallet address.
  • Finally, the remaining part of the fee (0.5%) will sustain the project’s internal liquidity.

The token’s supply will be equal to 1 trillion samples for $PXBSC and 10 Billion for $PXETH. 

Final Thoughts

An overcrowded market such as the NFT one certainly needs innovative players to keep growing and bring value to its customers. Paradox NFT has several unique features that it plans to show off once it enters the market.

Binance Coin live price
Binance Coin
price change

It is not up to us to judge the project’s value proposal: only the market possesses this power level. Any reader who is interested in learning more about Paradox NFT and its marketplace can visit its official website and social media pages (Twitter, Telegram). The presale event will start on April 21 on Unicrypt, and it will make the token tradeable on Uniswap.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Furthermore, Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site. Trading cryptocurrencies is a highly risky activity that can lead to major losses. You should consult your financial advisor before making any decision. Learn More

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