Patriots Quarterback Gifts Bitcoin To Teammates For Christmas

Bitcoin isn’t just a currency or a property but also a gift. This Christmas, Mac Jones – Quarterback for the NFL’s New England Patriots – gifted Bitcoin to his entire offensive line. The move is yet another demonstration of athletes’ enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.

“Santa Mac”

Jones collaborated with Bitcoin Magazine and CEO David Bailey to help deliver the gift, reporting the plan on Christmas Eve. Alongside some actual Bitcoin, Jones and Bailey arranged a print subscription of the magazine for the Patriots’ offensive line.

They even scored passes to the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, which is set to be the largest in history. This year’s Bitcoin conference was where Nayib Bukele – President of El Salvador – announced plans to make Bitcoin legal tender.

The quarterback said he’d been studying Bitcoin for some time and decided it was time to expose his teammates to the cryptocurrency. Bailey was thrilled to help, considering it an ethical choice.

Our mission is to make Bitcoin the de facto money of humanity, which means blending it into our popular culture,” said the CEO. “Bitcoin is for everyone, but the brave, optimistic, and forward-thinking people who see the future are the ones adopting Bitcoin and sharing this important message.”

Jones’s teammates were more than grateful for the gift. Centre/guard Ted Karras said the team received a “large haul” and called it one of the best efforts by a rookie to show his team appreciation.

Swan Bitcoin – a Bitcoin trading app that helps automate Bitcoin purchases – also contributed to the gift. In addition, each of the 12 players won a Swan Black Card, allowing users to claim Bitcoin directly using a concierge service.

Mac Jones: Patriots QB gifts offensive line bitcoin for holidays - Sports Illustrated
Mac Jones. Source: Sports Illustrated

Bitcoin’s Popularity in the NFL

Jones is next in a long line of NFL players to wholeheartedly embrace Bitcoin. Odell Beckham Jr. recently announced that he would accept his entire $4 million+ salary this year in Bitcoin. Russell Okung – An offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers – opted for the same thing last year, accepting half of his $13 million salaries in the primary cryptocurrency.

Young men, in particular, are more likely to show interest in cryptocurrencies, explaining their heightened popularity among athletes. In addition, many such as Okung are recognizing it as a savings technology that cures corruption within the legacy financial system.

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NFTs are also especially popular in the sports sphere. Athletes across various leagues have bought into the Bored Ape Yacht Club, while others have launched their collections.

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