Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Paxful Announces Partnership with Bithumb Global

In a recent announcement, Paxful, the world’s major player in the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace, knot ties with Bithumb Global. With this partnership, Bithumb Global will offer P2P services on its platform. Found in the year 2014 as EasyBitz and later renamed as currently known as Paxful supports over 300 payment methods. Thus removing the borders & limits and building a single marketplace platform for cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. As of now, Paxful has over 4.5 million users across the globe.

Leading crypto exchange – Bithumb Global

On the other hand of this partnership, Bithumb Global is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, with over 8 million registered users. Bithumb Global exchange boasts of one million mobile app users and over $1 trillion in cumulative transaction volume. This year, the exchange also launched its smart tokens such as BTCS, ETHS, XRPS, LTCS, BCHS, BSVS, and COMPS. In contrast, all of these tokens derive their value from underlying base assets such as BTCS from BTC and so on.

Offering fiat-to-crypto access for Bithumb Global users

With this alliance, Paxful will offer fiat-to-crypto access with 300 different payment methods to Bithumb Global users. The P2P marketplace also hopes for a vision with real-world use-cases & a mass-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

While making this announcement, Javier Sim, Managing Director of Bithumb Global, said, “We are pleased to partner with Paxful to provide our users with a fast, secure, and more convenient fiat-to-crypto gateway. This collaboration marks another milestone in our global expansion.”

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Along with this announcement, Paxful and Bithumb Global are also holding a 5000 USDT giveaway for Bithumb Global users. The giveaway event will last until 31st Oct and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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