Pinkslip Finance Boards the Huawei Cloud X Morpheus Labs LaunchPad

Recently, Pinkslip Finance announced it has officially joined the jointly developed Huawei Cloud Singapore and Morpheus Labs launchpad. The NFT-based platform became one of the very first networks to acquire the services of the innovative launchpad. Moreover, Huawei Cloud and Morpheus have promised to pour in resources to give blockchain solutions to Pinkslip Finance, among other projects.

Pinkslip Finance announced its excitement to work with Huawei Cloud PAC on Twitter. In recent times, many have considered Huawei as the leading ICT service provider. For instance, Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Labs signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The official meeting took place at Changi Business Park.

Pinkslip Finance’s Advantageous Standpoint

The pioneer LaunchPad collaboration promises better solutions for blockchain and business enterprises. Its primary focus is to create more robust marketing services, especially for FSI (Financial Service Industry). The involved parties came to an understanding of how to spearhead outreach through marketing initiatives.

Pinkslip Finance is one of the major NFT and gaming sectors in blockchain technology. Its main agenda is to revolutionize online gaming by integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi). Also, it launched a drag racing game in August 2021. 

The recent LaunchPad provides Pinkslip with a clear path into crucial market segments. It catapults serves providers into an array of larger audiences planned out strategically. Following the MOU, Huawei mobile users have direct access to the blockchain technology-based drag racing platform.

Leveraging the launchpad will prove helpful in the coming months. This will become crucial as Pinkslip gets closer to launch the V3 of its gaming experience. The launchpad will help Pinkslip market its activities across the blockchain. Also, it will help increase the user base capacity of the project’s network.

Treading on An Innovative Path 

Pinkslip’s gaming segment spikes great interest in the current generation. This era has several people accessing phones and Huawei service offers. Therefore, the adoption of games like Pinkslip’s drag racing will heighten. Furthermore, Pinkslip users can enjoy peer-to-peer interactions enabled by the LaunchPad initiative. 

Unlike other gaming platforms, Pinkslip has put unique mechanisms that combine gaming, NFTs, and finance under one roof. As a result, the platform has redefined GameFi, a relatively new industry on the crypto-verse. 

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Its recent partnership with Huawei Cloud X Morpheus Lab LaunchPad offers an opportunity for immense growth. Segments addressed on the LaunchPad ensure mass adoption of the platform on a win-win basis. The crypto platform moves on the agenda for the two entities. In return, the joint partnership exposes Pinkslip to its millions of users.

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