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Pinkslip Finance – High Stakes NFT Drag Racing

The NFT-powered GameFi metaverse, Pinkslip Finance, officially started its crowdsale this week. The network seeks to secure 500 ETH to further its goal to provide gamers access to new and exciting ROI opportunities. Notably, Pinkslip recently concluded a successful private sale that saw the goals reached in under 24-hours. Now, anyone can join in on the GameFi revolution.

Imagine how different life would have been for you if you had secured a real income from your gaming experiences. Notably, the gaming sector boomed over the last two years for multiple reasons. According to recent reports, the sector will reach 2.81 billion gamers by the end of 2021. Furthermore, the same report revealed that in 2020, the market was worth $159.3 billion.

Sadly, gamers never see any of these profits. Instead, the centralized nature of the market leaves them at the bottom of the totem pole. As a result, gamers have invested time, money, and energy for decades, with only emotional gains available. Now, thanks to recent developments in blockchain technology, all of this are about to change.

Pinkslip Finance Brings Gamers More

Pinkslip Finance seeks to reshape the hegemony of the gaming market and provide a more balanced and fair option to users. The development team wants to drive GameFi to new heights via its innovative titles. GameFi is a term describing games that pay users for their participation and accomplishments. These titles are changing the way developers and gamers think in regards to the prospects of gaming.

The Pinkslip universe begins with the team’s first title. This drag racing game empowers users to have fun and earn profits. In the game, users can purchase collectible NFT race cars. Like the name indicates, users can then take these cars to the track and race for pinkslips. Racing for pinkslips is a popular theme of classic racing movies. But, of course, the winner takes all in these races, so the stakes are high.

In the Pinkslip metaverse, there are three levels of NFT cars available for you to select between. Each NFT collectible has different characteristics and rewards payout levels based on its scarcity. Collect your favorite rides and then pit your collectibles against others. When you take the checkered flag, you go home with a new NFT collectible. If you lose, it’s back to your garage to prepare for your next race.

Onboarding Made Simple

Analysts agree that the gaming sector has some of the highest potentials in terms of driving
cryptocurrency adoption. For one, the gaming market is primarily made up of individuals 40 years and younger. These demographics are more tech-savvy than earlier generations as they have grown up with gaming their entire lives.

Integrating NFTs into the gaming market has had a major effect on how users interact with these platforms. In the past, gamers were left at the mercy of developers with little to no way to verify the authenticity or scarcity of the in-game assets. Additionally, there was never real ownership present in this scenario.

GameFi changes everything as users can now leverage the
transparent nature of blockchain technology to verify all developer claims for the first time in gaming history. Also, gamers can now own these digital assets directly. This strategy restructures the gaming experience as you can resell or trade these assets as you desire. As such, titles like Pinkslip Finance introduce an entirely new market to the world.

Gaming assets are already breaking crypto records across the market. For example, the NFT game credited with starting the NFT revolution, Cryptokitties, has seen resounding success. As a result, the platform’s NFTs are now worth thousands of dollars. Impressively, on May 12, 2018, a CryptoKittie was sold for $140,000.

The GameFi Sector is Heating Up

It’s easy to see why gamers embrace these titles. They can see huge ROIs for doing what they love. Additionally, developers gain a lot from this structure. For one, it enables them to provide more services and high-end features because users know they can resell the products at a later date and, in many instances, for a profit.

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Pinkslip Finance recently was accepted into the Pincubator program. This incubator focuses on tech firms that have the potential to revolutionize the market. As such, Pinkslip Finance is already generating interest in the scene. You can expect these interests to rise as the firm continues its mission to level the gaming playing field.

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