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PlasmaPay DeFi – A Smart Combo of Features for Users and Merchants

PlasmaPay is a payment processing system and FinTech platform built to meet the global digital economy’s needs. The network is best known for its unique combination of features and services geared primarily at merchants and powered by web 3.0 and blockchain. Recently, PlasmaPay announced the addition of DeFi functionalities. These new features will allow merchants and users to earn higher ROIs on their crypto holdings.

Real DeFi for Businesses

PlasmaPay DeFi combines the network’s payment processing capabilities with the ROI potential of DeFi. Merchants can set a percentage of their earnings to leverage these DeFi protocols automatically. This newly earned income can then produce passive income. Best of all, PlasmaPay handles all of the technical aspects of the procedure on the back-end. Users enjoy low transaction fees, high speed, interoperability, and easy accessibility to all the latest DeFi tools.

PlasmaPay – DeFi Banking Ecosystem

PlasmaPay is uniquely designed to capitalize on the innovative power of blockchain technology. Currently, the network encompasses a broad range of products and services. Specifically, PlasmaPay users gain access to a powerful crypto wallet, mobile apps, corporate accounts, distributed ledger technology, and crypt-to-fiat gateways. Keenly, the addition of DeFi services expands PlasmaPay’s catalog of functioning financial products in new directions. 

PlasmaPay – DeFi Services

PlasmaPay has a combination of DeFi services that is sure to excite investors. For example, users can leverage the HyperLoop Bridge Protocol to wrap their Bitcoin. Wrapped Bitcoin brings some serious advantages to the game. Specifically, it allows Bitcoin to be used in the DeFi world. That means Bitcoin holders can stake their coins and earn a passive income. 

Users enjoy a variety of ways to earn crypto. The network allows users to stake the native PPAY token to secure the network. Users can now stake their crypto in DeFi liquidity pools and start earning instant profits with little effort. Best of all, the system integrates into the merchant’s payment processor to leverage the DeFi services to improve profits.

Diverse Crypto Wallet

PlasmaPay’s wallet is one of the most robust in the market. The platform currently supports over 3000 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC-20 tokens. Multi-currency wallets are ideal for altcoin and DeFi investors. These platforms allow users to track all of their different investments from one portal.


PlasmaPay demonstrates some of the highest interoperability in the market. The system integrates with the popular WordPress payment plugin, WooCommerce. Impressively, 30% of all online companies worldwide utilize this plugin. Additionally, the network supports the Oauth connector for web3 integrations.


PlasmaPay is faster than nearly all first and second-generation cryptocurrencies. Reports put this platform’s performance at an impressive 160,000 TPS. This TPS (transaction per second) rate is ahead of major payment processors such as VISA or PayPal. 

No Gas Fees

Amazingly, PlasmaPay did a network upgrade this year that removed all gas fees from the system. Gas fees are what developers pay to execute smart contracts. In this way, PlasmaPay continues to lure new developers over to its blockchain.

Cross-Chain Transactions

PlasmaPay is a fourth generation-based platform. As such, the network has cross-chain capabilities. Cross-chain transactions are seen as one of the most promising new technologies because they eliminate the need for centralized services. 

How Does PlasmaPay Work?

In its simplest form, PlasmaPay is a digital payment Dapp created on top of the firm’s public blockchain, Plasma Chain. Plasma Chain is the first DeFi-based blockchain to enter the market. The goal of the project was to connect all financial hotspots in one place. To accomplish this task, the Plasma Chain network incorporates multiple layers.

PlasmaPay Dapps

The first layer of the Plasma Chain is dedicated to Dapps. The network seeks to create a robust ecosystem of Dapps for users to take advantage of in the coming months. Impressively, due to the removal of all gas fees, Plasma Chain developers can build payment networks with zero transaction fees.

PlasmaPay Financial Assets

The second layer of Plasma Chain handles the tokenization of financial assets. Tokenization is a core functionality of all new blockchains. It allows developers to create completely new markets where liquidity didn’t exist prior. 


PlasmaPay offers a non-custodial wallet option to users. The wallet is packed with helpful features. There is a fiat on-ramp directly in the interface. Users can also deposit funds via credit or debit card in a seamless manner. Interestingly, PlasmaPay developers seek to launch credit and debit card services of their own in the coming weeks.


Another strong feature of the platform is its in-wallet exchange. You can effortlessly trade crypto without ever using an exchange. This strategy saves you time and money. It’s also safer than using centralized exchanges, which are prone to hacks. 

Business Checkout

PlasmaPay provides merchants with a payment processing portal. This feature is designed to handle normal fiat transactions. It’s fast and takes only minutes to install.

Crypto Checkout

The crypto checkout tool is what allows businesses to accept cryptocurrencies directly using the PlasmaPay portal. The system provides customers with a 3D bar code to make payments. Merchants can check their balance and other vital data using this system.

PlasmaPay PPAY Token

The PPAY token is the native token for the PlasmaPay network. The token can be used for a variety of functions within the network. You can use PPAY for payments, staking, or governance. In this way, PPAY secures the network and helps maintain a community-driven approach to development. 

History of PlasmaPay

PlasmaPay entered the market in 2018. The Estonian -based firm quickly gained a reputation for its focus on consumer-centric innovations. Today, PlasmaPay provides services in 160+ countries with over 100,000 users and businesses. 

PlasmaPay – Perfect Timing

price change

PlasmaPay hit the nail on the head with its DeFi services. Who needs more revenue more than merchants during these hard times? They are always holding customer funds that could be making more profits. Now there is a user-friendly DeFi alternative in the market for the average merchant seeking more from their efforts. 

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