Poloniex and Simplex Collab for Fiat Crypto Purchase through Debit and Credit Cards

The American-based crypto exchange company Poloniex announced a partnership with payments company, Simplex. The partnership will facilitate an easier mass access to crypto trading for Poloniex clients. A Twitter announcement announced the addition of at least 18 major fiat currencies to the exchange.

Debit and Credit Card Crypto Purchase from the Poloniex Simplex Collab 

Simplex is a payments company with a feature that enables the use of debit and credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. The partnership intends to apply this solution by Simplex to the exchange’s clients. Payments’ security is also assured since Simplex’s payment platform is designed to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Increased Usability and Accessibility

Usability is a major hindrance to crypto adoption globally. Nationals in most nations are unable to purchase them using their local currencies. Poloniex seeks To tackle this issue, Poloniex is working on adding the fiat currencies. By doing so, accessibility to cryptocurrency is given a big boost too.

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With more currencies added to the exchange platform, the gains are tremendous. Business improvement is expected in all the nations whose currencies are now used.

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