Promising Cryptocurrencies Investors Should Consider in 2021

What asset should I Invest in this year? The above question troubles every investor at some point in their investment life. It’s the desire of an investor to put their money in assets that have excellent returns and the best prospects. However, in a financial world with many investment options, it could be hard to select the type of investment and precisely the asset to work with.

Primarily, a crypto investor wants to find a sustainable asset performing well in the markets and will perform the best in the future. This guide will look into 5 of the most promising investments every crypto investor should consider in 2021. Keep reading to find out.

ADA- Cardano

Cardano’s ADA takes the first spot as the most promising cryptocurrency in 2021. The social media pressure behind Cardano in Twitter and forums in Reddit shows that investors trust this Coin. Cardano was launched in 2014, and it has had a massive influence in the crypto world. 

The blockchain network is considered the future blockchain due to its interest in hosting decentralized networks(Dapp). To release the coins, Cardano uses a POS consensus mechanism, leveraging a specialized system called Ouroboros. 

Why is Cardano at the top of the list of promising crypto assets? Cardano started the year 2021 at a price of around $0.2. However, this Coin surged in price over the months, hitting its ATH $2.3. After the market bull run by Bitcoin and Ethereum ended, the Coin plunged in value, but the Coin has remained highly reliable. However, experts predict that this Coin will hit $10 by 2025.

The Cardano developers are working hard to ensure they make things even better for the Cardano network investors. They have a lot of plans for the future, aiming to streamline the services even further. 

BTC – (Bitcoin)

It’s no doubt that bitcoin is one of the most trusted crypto investment options of our time. This Coin has made massive price surges creating huge incomes for investors. 

Bitcoin recently proved to be digital gold when its prices surged from under $20k in December 2020 to over $64k in May 2021. During this period, many investors made large sums of profit, almost three times their investment.

The Coin lost over a third of its value, and when writing, the price was about $41k. Analysts predict that this asset will hit nearly $1 million in the next ten years. Due to the enormous trust people have in the currency, it has very high prospects. Investing now in the Coin could put the holder in a position of making more income.

ETH – (Ethereum)

Ether comes in as one of the most promising crypto assets of 2021 and long term. The asset is based on the Ethereum network, a blockchain designed to streamline the financial world by introducing smart contract options. 

Due to its Dapp services, the Ether coin has been very successful in the crypto industry, having the second-largest market cap in crypto. Ethereum was one of the currencies that profited vastly from the increases in prices in the recent bull run. 

Analysts have a belief that this Coin is still way from what its actual value should be. Some predict that in a few years, Ethereum will be valued at $20K. However, if the number of Dapps increases and the network continues to solve the issues associated with the chain, then it’s safe to say that $20k will not be the limit.


MIOTA, the primary cryptocurrency running in the IOTA network, is another asset that carries vast promises. The IOTA network is a ledger technology designed not to be a blockchain but an independent network dubbed tangle. 

The network has majored vastly in providing technology-related services, all involving IoT devices. It has a world of use cases, the mobile and vehicle industry, digital identities, supply chain options, smart cities, and smart technologies. 

At the start of 2021, the MIOTA crypto asset was priced at $0.29, but the Coin has increased vastly in price. During the recent market surges, the Coin surpassed the $2 mark but later dropped. Currently, the Coin is priced at around $0.8, with a market cap of $2.3 billion. 

Due to the many use cases and price volatility, this Coin could increase in price to nearly $20 in 2025. MIOTA is, therefore, another asset that has super excellent prospects.

Final Word

After looking into the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s pretty clear that the five assets mentioned are the most promising investment options. In addition, expert predictions on the coins can help in attracting more long-term investors. 

Cardano as a currency is lucrative, and experts have already put a $10 price cap on the asset in the next decade. ICP, which was just recently launched, can exceed $1k in value if investors adopt it quickly. MIOTA is on a mission to help transform real things into smart devices, which is the shape taken by the globe in the next decade. 

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Bitcoin and Ethereum have always performed well, and many experts agree that the assets only need more adoption from investors, institutions, and governments. 

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