Recent Ledger Leak Allegedly Links Affiliate DB Emails to a Phishing Scam

A new wave of phishing scams has been directed towards Ledger users who have been targeted by scammers. This latest scam attack targets users whose information was leaked following the breach that occurred on the Ledger database earlier in the year.

The current phishing scam was discovered by a Reddit user with the moniker sue-ledger. According to the user, he was going through his spam mails, where he noticed a few Ledger phishing emails. On taking a closer look, he realized that the emails were sent to the affiliate email address linked with Ledger.

This prompted him to be cautious since he used non-guessable usernames for his affiliate program with Ledger.  Also, it appears that both his ledger email and his affiliate email addresses had been leaked from Ledger’s database. Sue_ledger’s post attracted a host of comments from the Ledger community. A Ledger user with the username kevinrav revealed that his phone number was leaked in the recent breach.

A Reddit user with the username Majinjuu revealed a scam text sent to him recently in an isolated situation. The text read,‘’ You just sent 0.012223 BTC (0/28 confirmations). Please visit ledger-chain.claims within 45 minutes if you need to cancel”.

Crypto Adventure can also confirm that a member of our team’s personal and affiliate ledger details was also leaked in the breach.

Ledger Facing Serious Security Problems

Ledger was hit with a major breach of email and personal data earlier in the year.  The wallet company revealed in a mail sent to users on July 29th that up to a million emails had been compromised.  Ledger later stated that it had patched the vulnerability but could not recover the lost data.

From recent indications, it looks like the hackers are using the data to send phishing emails. There have also been reports that scammers have stolen over 1 million XRP coins using targeted mail messages to Ledger owners.

Ledger’s recent travails are part of the high-risk nature of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry.  The blockchain industry is still fraught with vulnerabilities, with cybercriminals on the prowl looking to take advantage of security breaches.

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There have been high profile hacks from crypto exchanges like Binance to wallet providers like Ledger in recent years. Ledger has a lot to change within its security to consolidate its position as the leading hardware wallet provider in the blockchain industry.

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