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ReSea Project: VeChain Powered DNV GL Impresses in Ocean Cleaning Program

The VeChain blockchain-powered DNV GL has made significant progress with the recently certified ReSea Project. The Ocean cleaning program has succeeded in removing more than 672K lbs of plastic waste from water bodies. The Vechain Foundation, together with DNV GL, joined hands to support the project in stopping plastic pollution of oceans and rivers.

The research project, an environmental cleanup Danish-based company, was certified by DNV back in February this year. The company focuses on cleaning up the new standards of plastic waste materials now found in rivers and oceans. The startup uses VeChain’s blockchain technology to collect, store, and securely certify data collected during the cleanup experience.

The Ocean Cleanup

Dubbed the largest cleanup in history, DNV GL verified that the project exercised the removal of plastic materials in late 2019. The program started in the Netherlands, concentrating its efforts on the North Sea. Nonetheless, it is now serving most oceanic regions and introducing new technologies to remove plastic waste from large water masses.

After that, the ReSea project joined the Ocean Cleanup program, employing the VET blockchain technology for data processing and proof that real work is ongoing. The VeChain foundation was proud to announce their input in the fight against water pollution by plastic waste, saying,

“We are proud to power DNVGL’s client, the sustainable pioneer Resea Project to trace its ocean cleanup solution. By using blockchain, all sustainability efforts can be immutably stored and made visible. VeChain will play an important role in stopping plastic pollution.” 

The Ocean Cleanup program’s head, Boyan Slat, recently tweeted about a new machine named the Interceptor 003 which will help detect plastic in Oceans. He announced that the machine was fully assembled and is ready for testing.

VeChain’s Effort to Boost Scalability

The VeChain foundation released a report that explained their involvement in the water cleaning initiative. The report stated that the VET blockchain would show how the ReSea project is going about the cleanup business by providing reliable and unbiased information. VeChain is also helping the Danish company keep records of their sustainability efforts in a well-established manner.

VET is a known supporter of environmental projects worldwide, having won awards in events like the China Green Economy Summit. The blockchain platform is proof that blockchain technology is working towards generating ecosystems that are scalable and environmental-friendly. 

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