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Reta Wars Review – A New P2E Game Model with Long-Term Sustainability

Reta Wars is a simulation game that promotes a unique play-to-earn (P2E) model with elements of NFT and DeFi. The project aims to provide a full-fledged GameFi experience with multiple gaming features, including role-play, growth, competition, and chance.

The P2E gaming market is emerging as one of the most attractive blockchain-based sectors. However, many of its projects maintain a company-customer relationship, which is increasingly costly for the players. Many of these games could face sustainability and scalability issues in the long run.

Reta Wars aims to impose a developer-player relationship as the paradigm of its growing ecosystem. The team has envisioned a long-term and stable economic system that will redistribute corporate profits to players. This way, the game breaks traditional corporate customs and grows in value together with its players.

This Reta Wars review looks closer at the project’s features, tokenomics, and roadmap. Also, we analyze its P2E model to understand how it will change the current GameFi environment.

What is Reta Wars?

Reta Wars is only the first game of a larger Retaverse ecosystem, which will incorporate future gaming projects, too. The team behind it is a group of developers with technical implementation methods. They look to break away from the traditional gaming industry convention of treating players as customers. To this end, they aim to grow a loyal RETA community and ecosystem that rewards its participants fairly.

Reta Wars also features a dual-token system. The first is a governance token, $RETA, running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). $RETA token holders can trade NFTs to enjoy the Reta Wars game or hold them for investment purposes. In the future, members of the Retaverse will use this token as a common currency in the Reta ecosystem.

Additionally, the game will feature a community token, Gold Rose ($GRT), which also works on the BSC chain. Players can obtain it by participating in battles in the Reta War. Also, they can trade it on decentralized exchanges even if they cannot use it for trading within the game. Instead, they can acquire or consume it for most in-game content. Lastly, users will need GRT to level up a hero or craft weapons and skins.

Reta Wars Gameplay

Reta Wars is the first installment of a series of games that should launch in the future. It depicts a war between two nations to acquire more Retarions, the Creator’s legacy.

The ongoing Reta War is a series of “endless battles and conflicts.” Two goddesses, Nate and Gaia, have once been allies, but now are on opposite sides of the barricade. However, they share a similar goal, destroy the other one and gain the legacy of the Supreme God Reta.

Players must acquire an NFT hero to access the game. Then, they must choose one of two countries and become a lord ruling a small land, hiring and leading NFT heroes. Every player can contribute to the war by supplying war materials to their nation. Alternatively, they can deploy their NFT heroes directly on the battlefield.

The game will stimulate the players’ strategic instincts asking them to make wise decisions when controlling their heroes. Instead of fast-paced, busy action games, Reta Wars invites players to establish a long-term strategy. And, depending on their performance, they can get rewards as a profit.

NFT Heroes

Reta Wars nft heroes
Source: Retawars.com

Every NFT hero has five skills and just as many stats, which the game randomly assigns during minting. No hero has the design to excel in every way. Heroes produce resources and engage in battles differently. Therefore, players will have to analyze their heroes’ skills and stats for maximum results.

Users can grow by leveling up their heroes or equipping them with better weapons. This way, they can produce more resources or have higher combat power. Also, players can benefit more from upgraded heroes by getting better yields.

Players can scrutinize the skills and stats of their hired NFT Heroes and place them in facilities installed on their estates. Heroes produce resources or engage in battles where they are deployed according to their abilities and skills.


retawars territories
Source: Retawars.com

Reta Wars also features territories, and each player gets one after joining the game. Also, they can access NFT weapons and skins, which are not available for purchase. Instead, players can craft them by participating in creating in-game content.

All new players receive equal portions of the Reta territory. Next, each one has to decide how to deploy their heroes for better production. Also, each territory comes with core features, such as production facilities and barracks. Lastly, players will have to ramp up their supplies and combat power constantly to win battles in the Reta wars.


Reta Wars will engage players in P2E daily warfare. The game will compare resources and troops that players contribute to their nations for the war. Next, it will show the simulation results on a large-scale battle screen.

While players cannot directly control their heroes, they can still watch them in action. After each battle, the winning nation will receive 75% of the victory reward, and the losing country will receive 25%.

The Battle of the DAOs

The Reta Wars developers aim to take blockchain-based gaming to the next level. To this end, they will engage players in voting for the good of their factions. Ultimately, their contribution to the war will count immensely in what will be a war between two huge DAOs.

Contrary to other blockchain-based games, Reta Wars comes with more than just a token system. Instead, it provides a new gaming model that pushes players to fight for each other’s good in the game. The developers believe this could become the next gaming paradigm suitable for the blockchain environment.

The Reta Wars P2E Model

Reta Wars aims to compete with a new P2E model and an innovative token economy. To this end, the team has analyzed numerous P2E games and benchmarked the best practices. This helped them plan a unique token ecosystem and circulation policy. At its heart is the dual token system of $RETA and $Goldrose.

Additionally, the developers added their proprietary circulation policy. According to the Reta Wars whitepaper, the team’s long-term goal is to provide players with a steady return while developing an active reinvestment system. This should significantly increase the sustainability of P2E games and deliver long-term value to $RETA holders.

Realitalⓒ, the company behind Reta Wars, will redistribute the game-generated revenue to P2E players and $RETA holders.​​ Also, the team planned the token economy so that the member consumption within the ecosystem could return precisely. This way, the company, users, and RETA holders share the profits from increased consumption.

The Reta Wars P2E model functions on the principle that all returns should be proportional to the investment. This means that players have to make a minimal investment to earn P2E returns. In other words, they have to buy at least 1 NFT to play Reta Wars and the upcoming Retaverse expansion.

The model also features a circulation of the economic system. For instance, it allows players to obtain a reasonable return within the scope of their investment. This way, they can continue to reinvest for potentially more significant returns.

The game requires constant item burning to sustain the ecosystem’s long-term growth. To this end, the Reta Team has installed devices throughout the game that enable the incineration of game goods. This process should occur naturally through play and help maintain a circular ecosystem.

Profit Redistribution

Most P2E games struggle with severe inflation, which appears when the reward funds exceed the investments. The Reta Team adheres to the reinvestment principle that increases P2E rewards as the investments increase. Furthermore, it redistributes the game-generated revenue to P2E players and $RETA holders.

Here’s how the game will distribute fees:

  • 50% of the $RETA the player paid when purchasing random NFTs goes into the Reward Pool for P2E rewards.
  • The game charges a 10% fee for $RETA that players use to trade NFTs in the Marketplace. Also, it deposits 50% of this fee in the Reward Pool to go towards P2E rewards.
  • Outstanding players who earn special ranking rewards pay a 5% $RETA fee. The company distributes it to those who stake $RETA by depositing the total amount in the Dividend Pool.
  • Lastly, the game will charge a 5% fee every time a player harvests resources from a production facility in the territory. Half of this fee goes to the holder of the NFT Island. The remaining half goes to the person who staked $RETA.


Reta Wars relies on the dual token system to ensure a smooth flow to its gaming ecosystem. $RETA and $GRT together with the game’s proprietary circulation policy provide stability and long-term sustainability.

$RETA Utility

  • Players can use it as currency and fees when trading NFT assets in the Marketplace.
  • Users can purchase random NFT Heroes or NFT Islands with $RETA.
  • Any player can stake $RETA to get a portion of the game-generated fees.
  • The team plans to list this governance token on centralized exchange in the future.

Operating policy

The Reta team issues a total of $100,000,000 RETA under transparent and codified rules. Its distribution includes:

  • Private Sale – 5,000,000 (5% of all tokens)
  • Pre-Sale NFT/LP Staking – 2,000,000 (2%)
  • Operating Fund – 20,000,000 (20%)
  • Platform Reward Pool – 35,000,000 (35%)
  • Marketing Event – 3,000,000 (3%)
  • IDO – 5,000,000 (5%)
  • For Adivsor – 5,000,000 (5%)
  • Company – 10,000,000 (10%)
  • Team – 15,000,000 (15%)

The amount comprising the funds for the team and the advisor will remain under lock for 5 years. Also, they will not have an intermediate release procedure.​ You can find out more about the Reta Wars operating policy here.


The team started building Reta Wars in the last quarter of 2021. Since then, they have launched the project’s official website and announced a pre-sale for NFT heroes. Also, the developers have worked tirelessly to further develop the game and constantly update the website.

Reta Wars launched a teaser video for the game this year as the team developed its marketing strategy. Furthermore, it announced the staking token for pre-sale NFT & Liquidity Pool.

At the time of writing, the team is working on the in-game NFT marketplace. Future developments include the Reta War 1.0 Battle Simulator whitelist beta launch and the release of territories. Further ahead, we should expect the opening of the Reta War 2.0 Battle Simulator and the blueprints for Weapon Equipment NFT.

Reta Wars P2E Presale Whitelist Airdrop

Reta Wars is getting ready for its second presale, which should take place at the end of March, 2022. To this end, the team has started a whitelist and NFT airdrop to announce the news. Interested players can earn one of the following before the game’s beta release:

  • 40 lucky people get a lottery-drawn whitelist sale ticket.
  • The top-40 11 winners get a whitelist sale ticket.
  • Top-10 2 winners get 1 random NFT + whitelist sale ticket.
  • The top-1 winner gets x2 random NFTs + 1 whitelist sale ticket.

If they win, users must enter their BNB address and receive their prizes to be eligible for the airdrop.

You can access the whitelist airdrop and gain access to a more favorable price in the 2nd presale here.

Final Thoughts

Reta Wars has an ambitious P2E model which should help change the current P2E gaming environment. The team has created a reinvestment system that provides players with better value and steady returns. Thanks to the dual token system and the operating policy, the gaming ecosystem should achieve lasting sustainability. Meanwhile, it will distribute the profits from the game to players and $RETA holders to drive long-term shared growth. 

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Reta Wars is available here: Reta Wars website | Realital website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

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